Margarita Nails 1

Margarita Nails

Image via Pri Piluinha/Pinterest

I can't be the only one that wants to lick this woman's fake nail salt, am I? These margarita nails are just TOO CUTE and I am seriously wanting to try them!

Check them out on Pri Piluinha/Pinterest!


Olympic Nails 2

Olympic Nails

Image via bearspace gallery/Pinterest

Well, how could I NOT include an Olympics-inspired nail design? Although there have been a few out there, I think this one (with the oh-so-delicate rings) is my favorite.

Check them out on bearspace gallery/Pinterest!


Hunger Games Nails 3

Hunger Games Nails

Image via Denise Froehlich/Pinterest

Maybe it's because I'm obsessed with The Hunger Games book series and movie, but these nails seem like the greatest thing since... well, since the movie hit theatres.

Check them out on Denise Froehlich/Pinterest!

Cityscape Nails 4

Cityscape Nails

Image via Pri Piluinha/pinterest

I live in NYC, which might explain why I love these... but everything about them, from the dusk-setting to the big, tall buildings, just speaks to me.

Check them out on Pri Piluinha/Pinterest!


Fruit Nails 5

Fruit Nails

Image via Jessica Espnioza/Pinterest

Fruit! This girl actually created FRUIT nails! I mean, just look at these details... and you can't tell me that you don't want to at least attempt to do the same.

Check them out on Jessica Espnioza/Pinterest!

Hello Kitty Nails 6

Hello Kitty Nails

Image via Coffee Fairy/Pinterest

I love Hello Kitty and I especially love this not-so-innocent take on Hello Kitty nails. I mean, isn't it all evily adorable? Yes, I think so.

Check them out on Coffee Fairy/Pinterest!


Flower Nails 7

Flower Nails

Image via Elena W/Pinterest

Who doesn't want to look at flowers every day? I know I do! Maybe it'd be nicer if they were real, but this nail art design is pretty summery and adorable.

Check them out on Elena W/Pinterest!

Mutli-colored Leopard Nails 8

Mutli-colored Leopard Nails

Image via Sarah Omo/Pinterest

OMG these are gorgeous! I mean, I like leopard print... but in this multi-colored version, it's even better (as if that was possible). Great for warm weather!

Check them out on Sarah Omo/Pinterest!


Sea Nails 9

Sea Nails

Image via Pri Piluinha/Pinterest

Who wants to go to the beach right now?! I know I do! And when I do, I'll be rocking these under-the-sea nails, complete with adorable dolphins!

Check them out on Pri Piluinha/Pinterest!

Tribal Nails 10

Tribal Nails

Image via Alyssa Peters/Pinterest

Okay, these are just amazing! I can't even imagine the detail that went into making someone's nails look like this... but I would totally try!

Check them out on Alyssa Peters/Pinterest!