Want to find out how to get a "facelift" for just $25? Read on! (VIDEO)

I consider myself lucky (at the moment) that I'm not old enough to be worrying about things like facelifts and excessive wrinkles. I admit I've started to see a couple of wrinkles here or there (eek! Where's the sunscreen and moisturizer?), but I've yet to pass the threshold into debating whether I want to get Botox or a facelift. When it does come time for me to consider something like this, though, now there's a new option on the market: the 'facelift bungee' that costs a mere $25.


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I wouldn't necessarily say that I'm opposed to something like this. It's true that I am definitely not at all afraid of plastic surgery, since I had my gastric bypass and subsequent body reconstruction work done in Colombia and never regretted a thing. These things I did for health, though, so I'm not really sure where I stand on doing plastic surgery to look younger. Then again, do I really want to stretch my skin with a bungee cord? Would you?

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When I watched the video, below, I can't say that I really was able to tell such a great, big difference in these women's faces before and after the bungee cord. And although they say it doesn't really hurt too much, I wonder how much they're lying about that one. Supposedly it's no worse than the headache that you get from a tight ponytail but, let me tell you, I've had some HORRIBLE headaches caused by tight ponytails. I think in the end, I might end up opting for something a little more permanent and a little less painful. Then again, for only $25, maybe I'll be tempted to try the facelift bungee after all.

Would you try the facelift bungee for $25? Share with us in the comments below!

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