How to get Demi Lovato's high ponytail from the Teen Choice Awards (VIDEO)

If you watched the Teen Choice Awards last night, then you know that Demi Lovato was not only a great hostess with a megawatt smile, but she was also looking preeeeeeeeetty good. Besides her gorgeous outfits, though, what I loved most about Demi's look was her amazingly high ponytail. She was looking really chic with her sleek updo and I am absolutely wanting to duplicate her hairstyle. I mean, wouldn't you when someone is looking so hot?


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Demi's whole look was actually quite fabulous. I loved her cat eyes, rosy cheeks and pink lips. I think that she underplayed her makeup in the most perfect way, since it only helped to accent that gorgeous hair. Although I was at first doubtful about her going completely blond, I think I'm really loving it now.

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I've actually never tried doing a really high ponytail and, although I have short hair, I think this might actually encourage me to grow my hair out and try it out. Doesn't Demi look amazing? I definitely will be duplicating this look as soon as I can. Just check out the video, below, and see how you can do it, too!

Will you try to recreate Demi's high ponytail from the Teen Choice Awards? Are there any other looks you loved last night? Share with us in the comments below!

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