How to get perfectly smooth, beach-ready legs

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I'll admit it: I love the beach and I love summer. Showing off some skin makes me feel like a goddess! I can't wait to get my bathing suits out of the drawer. The one thing about baring more is that sometimes skin that's covered up gets neglected over the winter months. 

It's time to start getting your skin beach ready!


The first thing that makes skin gorgeous is good exfoliation.  Over the winter, drying skin can start to flake, making it patchy and white, particularly on darker skin.  I like to exfoliate with a good loofah and a mild soap, paying special attention to the rough part of knees and ankles.

Next step is a nice, close shave.  I love the Venus Olay razor.  I've been using Venus for a long time, but the Venus & Olay razor is amazing, because it has an Olay moisture bar which helps get my skin soft and 5 Venus blades that don't miss an inch.  It's got a great, easy to grip handle.  When I'm done with it, I hang it from its handy shower hook.  They thought of everything!

After I exfoliate and shave, I like to lock in the moisture on my legs while they are still moist.  I heard this tip a long time ago and I've been doing it ever since!  It really makes a difference.  Truth be told, the Venus Olay razors do such a great job of replenishing skin's moisture that I'm fine not applying lotion every time.  But when I choose to, I like a nice, light lotion.   It leaves a beautiful sheen and helps keep legs silky soft all day.

I love rocking the latest skin-baring summer styles, and this quick ritual gives me the confidence to live in my skin all summer long.

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