I absolutely love birthday girl Sofia Vergara's style. Not only is the Latina actress absolutely HYSTERICAL in everything she does (from The Three Stooges movie to her role on Modern Family to her hosting gig on Saturday Night Live), but she's also absolutely gorgeous.

Now that she's turning 40 (and celebrating with a HUGE fiesta filled with a ton of family and friends!), I'm even more inspired by her look. One thing I've always loved about her is that she's got gorgeous, long hair—that she almost never, ever wears up! So I decided to take a look at when she DOES wear her hair up and what we can learn from her oh-so-rare-but-really-cute-style.

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Which of Sofia's updo's is your favorite? Share with us in the comments below!

Sofia Vergara's 5 best updo's & how you can get them

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Sofia at the SAG Awards

You can get this low ponytail and bangs look, too! First, separate your bangs (whether long, like Sofia's, or much shorter). Then, use smoothing cream to brush your hair back and fasten it with the hairtie of your choice just above your neck. Carefully brush the bangs with a center part and, voila!

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