I absolutely love birthday girl Sofia Vergara's style. Not only is the Latina actress absolutely HYSTERICAL in everything she does (from The Three Stooges movie to her role on Modern Family to her hosting gig on Saturday Night Live), but she's also absolutely gorgeous.

Now that she's turning 40 (and celebrating with a HUGE fiesta filled with a ton of family and friends!), I'm even more inspired by her look. One thing I've always loved about her is that she's got gorgeous, long hair—that she almost never, ever wears up! So I decided to take a look at when she DOES wear her hair up and what we can learn from her oh-so-rare-but-really-cute-style.

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Which of Sofia's updo's is your favorite? Share with us in the comments below!

Sofia at the SAG Awards 1

Sofia at the SAG Awards

Image via Getty Images

You can get this low ponytail and bangs look, too! First, separate your bangs (whether long, like Sofia's, or much shorter). Then, use smoothing cream to brush your hair back and fasten it with the hairtie of your choice just above your neck. Carefully brush the bangs with a center part and, voila!


Sofia at the NAACP Image Awards 2

Sofia at the NAACP Image Awards

Image via Getty Images

One of my FAVORITE looks of Sofia's is this super casual and flirty wavy ponytail. Surprisingly, though, this one's harder to do that it looks. First, you need to curl your hair to achieve the casual look, before clipping it back and pulling out a few key strands around your face.


Sofia at Annual Producers Guild 3

Sofia at Annual Producers Guild

Image via Getty Images

Sporting a MUCH sleeker look, here Sofia decided to go for a higher ponytail with a little bit of a bumb to spice things up. The key here is to tease your hair at the front of your scalp, just a littel bit, before pulling it back to create that "raised" effect.

Sofia at the Golden Globes 4

Sofia at the Golden Globes

Image via Getty Images

Hello, gorgeous! Another super-fun look for Sofia includes a much looser version of her curly ponytail. This one's a combination of the hairstyle that needs to be curled before putting it into a ponytail (yes, really) and then teasing the front up so that it pops in this flirty summer look.


Sofia leaves the Trump Hotel 5

Sofia leaves the Trump Hotel

Image via The Grosby Group

Well, leave it to Sofia to make a simple ponytail look so sexy! Even her casual look is absolute perfection, with her simply pinning her hair back and looking oh-so-cute as she walks around. Don't you just want this style?!