How to get blunt cut bangs like Salma Hayek in 'Savages' (VIDEO)

Well, you already know how much I love, love, LOVED Salma Hayek in the new movie Savages. She was pretty incredible as the Mexican cartel boss but, I have to say, the thing that I really couldn't keep my eyes off was her gorgeous, gorgeous bangs. Her whole style was pretty much to die for in this movie but it's really her fabulous hair that I loved the most. I mean, do you SEE the perfection of those blunt-cut bangs?!


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Once in a while, I'll go for the blunt cut bangs look and, now that Salma's sporting some seriously outrageous hair I am once more inspired to do the same with my hair. I mean, doesn't she just look fabulous? Her bangs are gorgeous and thick, wonderfully blunt-cut and the rest of her hair is just perfectly straight. I want it and I want it NOW!

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When it comes to cutting bangs, I always think that it should be easy to do myself. But, well, I've messed them up plenty of times before (typically cutting them too short or not evenly enough) to now know better. So, to get her amazing bangs, I've decided to take some instruction from the video, below. This girl makes it look so easy that how can you NOT try this oh-so-awesome look? I mean, Salma looks GOOD and I will too. 

Are you going to try cutting your bangs like Salma's in Savages? Share with us in the comments below!

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