7 Latina celeb looks I'd pre-order at a salon (PHOTOS)

I love going to a salon. It's not something that I do very often but, man, when I do I just love to lay there and indulge for hours. Whenever I visit my mom in Florida, we always make a salon date together. It's always a pleasure to get our mani/pedi and hair done. Often, I'll ask for something different—I always love to try new styles.

That's why I was a little surprised to hear that now some salons are offering cookie cutter pre-ordered beauty looks. Meant to speed up the process so that you can walk in and simply say something like "Tyra brows", I don't  love the fact that we could all risk looking the same—but I absolutely DO love that this means I can duplicate some of my favorite Latina celeb's looks in the easiest way possible! So here's my list, these are the Latina looks I'd love to pre-order on my next salon visit.

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What Latina celeb's beauty look would YOU like to steal? Share with us in the comments below!

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Can yu imagine such luxury!! To be able to "shop" the look you want and BAM! there you have it! I like your selection in the gallery!!! I would also have similar picks...

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