10 ways to save your curls this summer

Heat, salt water, chlorine--all of these things can combine to make the summertime a series of bad hair months for those of us who struggle with taming frizzy curls. 

Don't despair! There are some fool-proof ways to heal your hair and get bouncy, beautiful curls all summer long. Here are 10 tips to save your hair from the heat:


1. H20 is your friend, not foe! Sure, chlorine and salt water can wreak havoc on your hair, but rinsing your tresses with plain, old, regular water BEFORE you go swimming can help create a barrier to keep your hair from drying out.

2. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize: Stay hydrated inside and out. Make sure to coat your hair with a moisturizing hair oil like Argan or an oil-based frizz treatment before heading outside. Also, drink tons of water! If you're dehydrated, it will show in your skin and hair.

3. Sweaty doesn't always mean dirty! Replace your normal shampoo and conditioner with a conditioning cleanser and don't wash your hair every day. A thorough water rinse can be enough to rid hair of sweat and impurities. 

4. Slather on conditioner BEFORE and AFTER you go swimming. Use a leave-in with SPF everyday and apply a deep conditioner immediately after swimming to prevent damage.

5. Go natural. Summertime is NOT the season to decide you want stick straight hair if your locks are naturally curly. Don't fight your natural texture, embrace your curls and drop the heating tools. 

6. Braids are your best friend. Whatever you do, do NOT twist your hair into a tight pony or bun while it's wet. This is a sure fire way to get split ends along the middle of your hair shaft. Instead, opt for braids, which will give you cool texture and keep your hair off your face!

7. Hats can make you happy. Sun is just as damaging for your locks as it is for your skin! Grab a hat or a hair scarf before heading out into the summer weather. Bonus: there are a ton of cute styles and hairdos that work with scarves!

8. Avoid chemical treatments and coloring before you go on vacation. The last thing you need to do to your hair before it bakes in the sun is to expose it to harsh chemical treatments. During the summer months opt for gentler hair color options like semi-permanent and henna dyes.

9. Dry shampoo is an ace secret weapon. Feeling like your scalp is greasy but the ends are still dry? Buy a good dry shampoo and use it to absorb any excess oil at your roots. Added bonus? It totally gives your locks bombshell body!

10. Wash your hair at night. This gives it time to dry before you head out into the heat & humidity, dramatically upping your chances of maintaining your hairstyle the next day. Plus, you can play with your texture by braiding your hair in different size chunks for beachy waves.