Why I love Crayola's new nail polishes!

I was a very artistic child. I learned how to draw pretty young and I was definitely one of those kids that was always coloring or doodling in my notebooks, even when I went to college. Some of my fondest memories from childhood involve hours of fun with my Sleeping Beauty coloring book and my Crayola crayons. So it probably shouldn't come as a surprise that when I heard about the new Crayola nail polishes, my heart leapt up into my chest. It reminded me of some of my favorite moments as a kid and made me hopeful that this would be a great, fun way to share the beauty of manicures with my future daughter, just as my mom taught me.


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I honestly don't know what's cuter here, the adorable Crayola crayon box in which the nail polishes come in or the fact that they're a miniature version of regular polishes. I'm actually quite obsessed with the mini versions because I like using them and being done quickly, instead of letting the big bottles dry out in my cabinets for years.

These 8 mini bottles, though, are pretty perfect. And they come in some of the BEST colors that are not only adorable but also bright and festive for summer. The colors include: cotton candy, wild strawberry, orange, scarlet, canary, robin's egg blue, blue bell and plum.

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I really, really am in love with this whole nail polish set. Although I'm usually just lazy and head to the salon for a manicure, there's something about painting your own nails in fun, bright colors that's a ton of fun, too. I actually really wish I had a daughter already so that I could show her how to do it, too, the same way that my mom showed me how to do my own nails when I became a teen. It would definitely be a memory to cherish.

Did you color with crayons as a kid? Do you like these Crayola nail polishes in fun, bright colors? Share with us in the comments below!

Image via Crayola

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