Oh my god, I looooooooove it! Yes, I seriously LOVE mamá Perez's new hair color

Granted, I'm pretty biased as a fellow Latina who dyes her hair red but, in a newly released video called "Catching Up With Teresita!", Perez Hilton sits down with Momma Perez for an intimate chat—all as she sports her brand new super cute color.

She's not the only Latina changing her locks recently, though. I mean, did you SEE J.Lo's shocking new short, curly hair?! I'm absolutely stunned by all this change but super excited, too! Just check out our photos of the 6 Latinas who are sporting new hair for summer and you'll get into the hair-changing spirit yourself.


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Which of these is your favorite Latina hairstyle change? Which hair trend would you try for yourself? Share with us in the comments below!

Image via YouTube

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