Love it or leave it? Demi Lovato's dip-dyed pink hair!

Confession: I've always secretly wanted to dye my hair with streaks of a funky color, like pink or purple. Unfortunately, I am just not that brave or adventurous! The craziest thing I've ever done to my naturally dark hair is get blonde highlights and let me tell you, that did not go well. Still I've never stopped wishing I could pull the whole look off---which is probably why I LOVE Demi Lovato's trendy new dip-dyed 'do!


The Latina singer and X-Factor judge debuted freshly dyed bright pink tips at the show's Francisco auditions this past weekend...and she looks so freakin' cute. I just want to go out to the nearest drug store and buy myself some pink hair dye! Seriously, how does she look manage to look good in every hair color? First came the dramatic blonde, now blonde with pink tips? I wish I was so brazen with my hair!

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And I'm not the only one a little jealous of Lovato's fun new look.  Apparently, even her "frenemy" and fellow judge Simon Cowell liked the pop of color. "Yay!! Simon approves of my pink hair!! #SFactor," Lovato tweeted along with a picture of her, Cowell and Britney Spears backstage at the auditions.

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Lovato is just one of several stars, like Nicole Richie and Lauren Conrad, to recently don partially-colored locks. But I think she is definitely one of the only celebs to  really pull it off! Maybe it's because she's always changing up her style, so this just seems like a natural progresion! In any case, I like that she wears the style and the style doesn't wear her.

What do you think of Demi's dip-dyed pink hair? Would you ever try it? Tell us in the comments below!

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