3 easy eyeliner tutorials that will make your peepers pop! (VIDEOS)

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am obsessed with playing up my eyes whenever I go pretty much anywhere (well, except on those mornings that I'm too lazy to put on makeup for work). I've been complimented on my big eyes and long eyelashes ever since I was a little girl so I figure, why not embrace it and emphasize the look every time?

Although I'll sometimes experiment with other makeup looks (Bold lips! Contoured cheeks!), eyeliner and I are pretty much BFFs. Any night on the town (or grocery store trip) requires that I do SOMETHING with my eyes. So, in that spirit, I'm looking up new ways to use eyeliner. Check out these three videos on how to play up your eyes with a simple line, cat eyes or an adventurous double winged look. It's way easier than it looks, I promise!


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1. For an eyeryday look, I still like to do a little bit of eyeliner--which is why I love the video below for that "simple" yet pretty vibe.

2. The cat eye is definitely my favorite, especially for a night out on the town. It's sultry, and to me, always brings out a sophisticated look.

3. I've yet to try the double winged look but this video makes it look so easy (and so HOT!) that I am definitely on board for this edgy style.

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How do you like to apply eyeliner? Which of these looks are you going to try? Share with us in the comments below!

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