To keep skin looking fresh is always important to me no matter where I am headed. In fact, I am one of those who thinks wearing makeup at the beach is ok. And because the beach/makeup combination is so tricky, I do my best to keep it simple and natural. Watch this video for an effortless beach ready look that will be just enough to keep you looking like the beach beauty that you are. Enjoy! 

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Do you vote for or against makeup at the beach? How do you keep your skin looking amazing under the sun and in and out of the water?

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Sonia Cruz Castaneda has made a name for herself as a beauty and fashion guru blogger/vlogger on YouTube. She's a single mother on a mission to make women feel beautiful one video at a time. 

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Love the suggested tips for this beauty routine.  I may sound like a broken record because I asked about this in the last comments section about "Younger Looking Skin" my question for you is re: doing a sun protection routine possibly demistfying what goes on first: sunblock or moisturizer? or do you simply wear one and not both?  

Another question for you is if you do like a makeup of the month type subscription... do you have suggestions I'm considering signing up for one and would love your input, thoughts, opinions :o)


Sonia, I want to learn about products you recommend that are waterproof (waterproof, as in "I can swim with them on" and not end up like a racoon!!! LOL)

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