Sofia Vergara gets back together with her man but what did she do with her hair?

Who's that girl?! Oh yes, it's my favorite Latina funny woman, Sofia Vergara. I was a little confused because Sofia is supposedly a single lady with brown hair but what's this? New photos of Sofia--and she's not alone. It looks like the Colombian actress is back together with boyfriend Nick Loeb!

Not only does she look adorably happy to be holding hands with her man again (and, by the way, looking as hot as ever in a little white dress, along with some fab blue accessories) but she's also got gorgeous lighter hair!!!


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Okay, maybe I shouldn't be so surprised that she decided to go lighter for summer, considering that her natural hair color is actually blond, but I've come to love her for breaking the light hair Hollywood model and rocking the dark brown locks.

It's also typically in waves. I mean, the girl loves to give herself that luscious brunette look, that's for sure! And I love her for it but, I have to say, I am SERIOUSLY in love with her lighter-for-summer (straight) locks.

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The look is actually really perfect for summer. I mean, my hair tends to get a little lighter anyway (whose doesn't?) and summer is the time that I am normally inspired to change up my color. Now I'm actually considering lighten my hair, growing it out and wearing it straight just like Sofia's! I mean, doesn't she just look amazing?

Would you try Sofia's look for summer? Share with us in the comments below!

Image via The Grosby Group

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