5 Latino hotties I would put on my nails!

Okay, I am honestly just NOT a fan of nail art. I'll admit that right now. I pretty much keep my nails very, very short and just have fun painting them different, bright colors (like the pearly teal, lavender and hot pink combo I have going on right now). But when I saw this incredibly creative manicure featuring various hot men, I immediately wanted it.

The current version of the Hot Man-icure "steamy nail set" features heartthrobs like Ryan Gosling (I wonder how girlfriend Eva Mendes feels about this?), Pharrell and Zac Efron. But, my love for RyGos aside, who I would REALLY want on my nails is one of the following Latino hotties.


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1. Ricky Martin: I had a crush on Ricky Martin when I was younger and I'm not ashamed to admit that I still find him very attractive, though for much different reasons these days. I know I don't stand a chance with the hot Latino papi (cause, well, he's finally out & proud) but I'd still put that face on my nails—if only because I want to hear him serenade me.

2. Gael Garcia Bernal: Have you seen those eyes? That adorably boyish smile?! I not-so-secretly have a thing for really tall, skinny guys with longer-ish hair… and he completely fits the bill. I honestly don't think I've ever seen a photo of him that didn't make my heart skip a beat, so putting him on my nails just seems like the most logical thing to do, no?

3. Angelo Sosa: I first fell in love with the sexy chef back when he was appearing on Bravo's Top Chef, where he (unfortunately) went on to be a runner-up. But he's still #1 in my book and I was even more excited when he opened up a hot new restaurant in NYC. If I'm going to put eye candy on my nails, I have to put someone who could make a great meal.

4. John Leguizamo: There is just something about John that I really love. It's probably because he's just so damn funny and I love having a good laugh. I've seen a bunch of his movies and event went to his last solo show on Broadway where I, of course, laughed my butt off. Hey, a girl's allowed to like a guy that can tickle her funny bone, right? Cause I sure love him!

5. Michael Trevino: I wanted the last man that I put on my nails to be strong and able to defend me, but still be a sensitive guy. Immediately I flashed back to one of my favorite guilty pleasures, The Vampire Diaries, and knew that I had to put this wereworld-turned-vampire-hybrid (and devoted boyfriend) on my list of hot Latinos to paint my nails with. He's just awesome. 

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Do you love the Hot Man-icure nails? Which Latinos would you put on YOUR nails? Share with us in the comments below!

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