Man catches on fire after applying sunscreen! (VIDEO)

What happens when you put on some sunscreen and then walk over to the grill, hoping to finish up some food that you're making for some friends and family? Well, as one man just found out, the results are not pretty.

Brett Sigworth was grilling at his lakeside home in Stow, Massachusetts, when he decided to apply some Banana Boat aerosol sunscreen.

In what's probably the craziest thing I have heard in a while, the man actually CAUGHT FIRE! To be honest, maybe I should have realized that something like this could happen but I never did. Neither did Brett, I guess. 


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The story is absolutely crazy because, although I know that aerosol cans are highly flammable, I didn't think that they were quite THIS flammable. I mean, if it were me, I would not have thought that putting on my sunscreen and then going back to the grill was so dangerous. But as Brett found out, it certainly is. He describes to CBS News Boston just what happened: 

I sprayed on the spray-on sunscreen, and then rubbed it on for a few seconds. I walked over to my grill, took one of the holders to move some of the charcoal briquettes around and all of a sudden it went up my arm. I had no idea. It was so scary and I just wouldn't want to see it happen to anyone else.

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Well, although he seems to be doing better, the man is still recovering from second-degree burns all over his body. Obviously, he never thought that the sunscreen would be "flammable while applied to skin" and he plans to "contact Banana Boat to put clearer warnings on their bottles." I certainly agree with the man because it's a situation that sounds incredibly scary to me and I really hope that they will give clearer warnings, especially since I love aerosol sunscreen cans. 

What do you think about the story of the man who caught on fire after putting on sunscreen and going to his grill? Do you think that sunscreen cans need to put better safety warnings? Share with us in the comments below!

Image via clyderob/flickr

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