Miss USA isn't Latina, but she's still got gorgeous hair!

Okay, I admit it: I'm a bit upset that one of the gorgeous Latinas vying for the title of Miss USA didn't win. Instead, the top honor went to Olivia Culpo of Rhode Island.

But, honestly, although it would have been great to see Miss Mississippi Myverick Garcia, Miss Colorado Marybel Gonzalez or Miss New York Johanna Sambucini win the crown, new Miss USA Olivia was so gorgeous last night, part of me doesn't care because a large part of me just really, really wants to do my hair like Olivia. 


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The Miss Rhode Island-turned-Miss USA was rocking it all night. Looking oh-so-pretty in a lavender bikini and, later on, in a fuschia evening dress, the 20-year-old Boston University sophomore took the crown all while sporting gorgeous, perfectly waved hair.

To be honest, I've struggled with growing my hair long for years. I'm impatient, so sometimes I end up growing it for 6 months and then getting sick of it and cutting it off again. Other times I start growing it and change my mind, and again cut it. But after seeing the new Miss USA's hair, I think I want to seriously start growing it out again. Luckily, once I do, I can get the same beautiful locks thanks to Sonia Castaneda's video. Wouldn't you want to, also?

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Did you watch the Miss USA pageant? Will you be recreating her gorgeous, wavy hair for yourself? Share with us in the comments below!

Image via NBC

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