I am obsessed with everything nails, and this trend is fabulous and FUN! Ombre nails bring the style of the runway to your hands and you might be surprised to know that getting this awesome look at home is super easy.

Check out this video to learn how you can do it too!

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What other nail art trends do you enjoy? Tell me all about them in the Comments section below!

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Sonia Cruz Castaneda has made a name for herself as a beauty and fashion guru blogger/vlogger on YouTube. She's a single mother on a mission to make women feel beautiful one video at a time. 

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WOW that looks soo nice as if you just came back from the nail salon. I wish I was good at stuff like this. But you made this look so easy I might have to try this one. And that color is so cute. Im sure it will be less than the $30 I pay at the salon.


UM, obsessed with this look!!!





My aunt did this for me and my daughter at her salon. It looked so cute and we got tons of compliments on our nails


This is nice. I have been wanting to try. I also like doing marbled nail designs.


WOW!!! As always you never fail to surprise me this nail video was great.  I'm going to try this on my own over the weekend.  Thanks for the instructional video.


Me gusta los colores, siempre se aprende algo nuevo

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