From the things that I carry around to keep my son Jude entertained to the beauty products that I bring with me everywhere--let me show you what's in my bag and what things I must absolutely have...just in case.

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Tell me, what kinds of strange things do you carry in your bag?

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Sonia Cruz Castaneda has made a name for herself as a beauty and fashion guru blogger/vlogger on YouTube. She's a single mother on a mission to make women feel beautiful one video at a time. 

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I loved that you paused to see to your little boys needs.  In addition to being so pretty your a great mom kudos to you :o)  Crazy things in my purse is another bag -its a banana shaped tote in case iIdo any shopping instead of getting a plastic bag I try to be green and carry a tote.  Also I carry an additional charger for when my cell phone dies, and a ton of pens.

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Hey Sonia! Loved your videos, as always. I wanted to see a what should I carry in my make up bag. Like tips on what to pack. What do you think?? Weird things I have to carry with me in my purse are like baby wipes to keep myself fresh in all the right places, if you know what I mean LOL

Hahaha! I LOVE that you have a razor, LOL!


I love that you carry a razor around! Girl, that has happened to me. I was wearing capris, looked down and realized I forgot to shave my legs, lol.  I carry alot of stuff in my purse too. I have a zip lock bag with crayons and a notepad for my kids.  I always carry an eyelash curler to perk up my lashes throughout the day. And there's always snacks in my purse. I have little packages of fruit snacks, teddy grahams, etc.


As a mom with a toddler that doesnt want to be potty trained, I also carry 1 diaper, wipes and a small roll of plastic bags to dispose of that mess. I also always carry a small nail file & small nail clipper because hang nails  and chipped nails drive me insane. Plus a few HotWheel Cars for him and a lip liner, lipstick, gloss and small convertible mirror/brush for me. Keep it simple and that bag can still get heavy!

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