How to get Bérénice Bejo's pretty pink eyeshadow at Cannes (VIDEO)

The stars have been wowing me at Cannes this past weekend. Everyone's been looking so great that I don't know who has come out to be my favorite so far. There's a lot of great fashion on the Cannes red carpet but the surprising thing that actually caught my eye recently was The Artist actress Bérénice Bejo's subtle and pretty-in-pink eye shadow at a recent movie premiere. She looked fresh and perfectly made up for summer, so I just knew I had to go investigate on how to get her gorgeous look.


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At the premiere of Lawless, the part Argentine actress embraced the warm weather with her just-back-from-the-beach looking hair to her flowered dress, but it's really her light makeup that makes the Argentine actress stand out. Her soft pink eye shadoware such a nice change from the usual drama that we see on the red carpet that I am seriously craving her look from top to bottom.

The video below actually gives a pretty good tutorial of how to rock the pink eye shadow look. The best tip I learned was to always apply some primer to the eyes to keep the shadow from creasing. It's something that I've heard before but I always forget to do. But now I'm extra inspired to make sure my look stays on all day. I can't wait to try it out for myself, especially since pink in particular makes brown eyes stand out. Check it out!

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Do you love Berenice Bejo's fresh summer face look, including the pink eye shadow? Will you be duplicating it at home? Share with us in the comments below!

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