5 Hottest hair tips from Cannes Film Festival's Latino hair stylist to the stars!

The Cannes Film Festival is in full swing in France right now and, although stars like Eva Longoria are wowing us on the red carpet, there's a man behind the scenes that deserves all the credit for making the celebrities look as good as they do. That man is Latino celebrity hairstylist and the new creative director of Paris-based international hair care brand Dessange, Eduardo Sanchez. He recently spoke to the NY Daily News about his experience styling celebrity's coifs and how he makes them look so very good. He's obviously great at what he does! Here are some of my favorite hair tips from the talented Latino celebrity hair stylist


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1. Try an asymmetric braid this summer: That's one of his favorite styles at Cannes this year, though he also says the wet chignon and a Marilyn style will be hot. But he loves the braid because it's "a very feminine and ultra-glamorous look" for women. It'll be a fun look at the beach this year, helping you keep your hair out of the water, and then can transition easily for a day-to-night look.

2. Soap can add a "matte" effect to the style: After one celebrity asked him for a matte look for her hair, he was at a loss without the proper products. So instead he improvised and "simply used soap which 'dulls' the hair to add a matte effect." It's an easy and inexpensive way to get hair that's not too shiny or oily-looking.

3. Balance a fancy outfit with simple hair: The most important thing for your entire look is to know exactly what you're going for, which is why his cardinal rule is about keeping a balance. In the interview, he explains that "if the dress itself is elaborate, we have to balance the look with a simpler hairstyle." The same can also be said in reverse: want to go for a gorgeously elaborate hair? Then make sure you're wearing a simpler dress and jewelry.

4. How to make a chignon last all day: If you're going for this sexy low bun look this year, there's a right way and a wrong way to do it. To make a perfect chignon last all day, he says that "your hair base must be well prepared with a full blow dry." Plus, once you've got the look and want it to go on from day to night, you need to make sure it's "finished with a great deal of fixing spray."

5. The perfect time to use hair accessories: His rule is probably one I've broken in the past but he points out that nobody wants to look like a Christmas tree, so they balance the use of hair accessories with whether or not you're wearing jewelry. He says that they "use hair adornments when the only jewelry the star is wearing is a pair of earrings." So take his advice and wear that glittery headband you love—but only if you're minimizing the jewelry that day. 

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What's your best hair tip? How are you planning to wear your hair this summer? Share with us in the comments below!

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