Hot Summer Eye Makeup Trends

Summer's a great time to experiment with makeup. One, because hopefully you're getting outside more to show it off and two, there are always new trends this time of year. Now, of course you can go with the fresh-faced makeup look (if you want to be a bit boring) or rock super dark lipstick (if you're stunning like Camilla Belle, which I'm not). But what I really want to try this summer is one of these hot summer eye makeup trends. From bright, bold colors to dramatic metallic to a gentle smoky eyes, here's how to rock one sexy new eye look this summer.


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1. Bright, Bold Colors: This summer it's all about color, color, color! The runways were filled with models wearing the kind of bright hues that are usually reserved for summer dresses and bathing suits. Don't be afraid to go bright on your face. Try a teal or coral color for an eye shadow. Play up your eyes by emphasizing them with a bright pop of color. My general rule is to emphasize either the lips or eyes.

2. The Metallic Look: Another hot new look for the summer is the super metallic and dramatic eyes. I don't just mean getting a little bit of gold or silver on your eyelids. No, I mean going all out and getting a really bold, metallic look all over with bright copper or a shimmery black. This is one case where it's perfectly okay to go overboard. This look is all about excess. Embrace the trend by applying your favorite shimmery hue to your eyes for a fun night out with friends or even a date night with the hubby. It's not a look that can be kept indoors!

3. Gentle Smoky Eyes: There were actually two smoky eye trends this year, the extreme smoky eye (lots of black all around) and the gentle smoky eye. Although the extreme smoky eye looked amazing, I don't think it's a look that we can really pull off on a regular day. Instead, I'm loving the gentle smoky eye that usually involves a hue that's a little closer to your skin tone and only serves to play up the beauty of your eye color. Try doing a light smoky eye with colors like a light brown (if you have blue eyes), faded pink eye shadow (if you have brown eyes) and a lavender color (if you have green or hazel eyes).  

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What is your favorite summer eye makeup trend? How are you planning to experiment with your eye makeup this summer? Share with us in the comments below!

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