How to go blonde at any skin tone!

Although I'm a natural-born dark brunette, I have always loved coloring my hair. I've gone to chocolate brown, auburn, light brown, way-too-bright red, brown with highlights and a honey-like color that never looked quite right. The color that I still haven't really conquered, though, is blonde.

But after seeing new pictures of part-Mexican actress Demi Lovato rocking her gorgeous new blond locks as she prepares for her new role as a judge on The X Factor, I knew I had to finally try it. But going blonde as a Latina isn't always easy, particularly if you have olive skin. Luckily there ARE some easy tips and tricks to follow if you want to go blonde (and look great!), just like Demi did.


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1. Choose the right shade for your skin tone. The most important part of going blond with ANY skin tone is making sure that you're not clashing. If you have darker skin in warmer tones (like olive skin), you need to go for warmer colors. Colors that will likely go well on you are gold, honey and caramel. Absolutely stay away from platinum and ash-blond colors, which are cool, and just won't work on your skin. If you've ever seen a super blond celebrity who looks terrible, you know what I mean. Instead make sure that the color works with what you have and is only enhancing your beauty, not making you look like your hair came out of a bottle.

2. Play up the color with highlights and lowlights. I've read that you should never go more than 2 shades lighter or darker than your hair color, but obviously if you're going from dark brown to blond, that's pretty much impossible. Instead, what you can do is go up to 4 shades but then enhance the look with some highlights and lowlights. The lowlights with play up the lighter strands in your hair while the highlights will add in a touch more blond to make the hair look lighter overall. Just take a look at Demi's gorgeous new blond hair and you'll see what I mean. She's got lighter and darker strands in a blond shade that compliment her skin tone.

3. Above all, don't skimp on cost! DO NOT, I repeat, do not go blond out of a bottle. This is a dangerous road for anyone making a dramatic hair change. Although a change of color plus highlights is going to cost you a pretty penny at the salon, you need to make that investment. You know what's even more expensive? Having a salon fix the hair you messed up from over-dying and bleaching. Believe me, I know. I once almost singed my hair off because I went from dark to light to dark to light a few too many times! Start with a professional and stick to it. Your hair is the accessory you wear every day and you deserve to spend as much time (and money) taking care of it as you do all of your other fashion pieces.

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Have you ever tried going blond? What did you love (or hate) about trying the color? Share with us in the comments below!

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