How to rock the new dark lipstick trend like Camilla Belle at the MET Gala

Hello, gorgeous! I am DYING over how gorgeous Brazilian actress Camilla Belle looked at last night's Met Gala. Not only did she kill it in that sparkly Ralph Lauren gown that showed off her cleavage (hey, if you got it, flaunt it, right?) but she also rocked one of my favorite beauty trends of the season: the dark lip!

I mean, this girl really knows how to work the red carpet and and she's got me wanting to try this new fashion-forward beauty trend for myself. But doing a dark lip can be a tricky thing, so first I had to investigate how to get it just right. Here's how:


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1. Don't go overboard with all of the makeup. If you're going to emphasize your lips with a dramatic dark look, don't put on a ton of blush or go for a smoky eye. Stick to calling attention to just one feature so that you don't end up looking like a clown. However, you can pair bold eyebrows with the lipstick for a rounded look.

2. Pick the right shade for your skin tone. Not every shade will look good on everyone. Try a free makeup consultation in a department store to find just the right one for you, be it plum, a really dark red, an almost-black color or even a chocolate brown. Experiment with a few before settling on one.

3. Exfoliate your lips with an easy DIY method. To make sure that the color looks flawless,  go the extra mile to remove old, flaky skin from your lips. Mix a little bit of olive oil with sugar in a small bowl until the mixture is pasty in consistency. Rub the mixture on your lips with a washcloth, rinse off with warm water and then apply lip balm to finish it off.

4. Start with a liner, finish with a nice gloss. Apply a lip liner in the same color--go just outside your lip line if you want more plump-looking pout--and then color inside as a base. Apply the lipstick from the tube, instead of using a lipstick brush, so that it doesn't rub off as easily and to maximize the color intensity. Finally, finish lightly with a gloss in a similar shade to make your lips look luscious.

5. Make sure you don't mark up your teeth. The absolutely last thing you want is to accidentally get some of your pretty new lipstick on your teeth. YUCK! After applying the lipstick, make a kissy face and take your index finger, pop it in your mouth, then pull it out. All of the extra lipstick on the inside of your lips will end up on your finger instead of your teeth. Yay!

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Will you be trying out the dark lipstick trend like Camilla Belle? 

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