Cameron Diaz crying over cut hair is very Latina!

Okay, who wants to raise their hand and admit that, at one time or another, you had a friend or family member cut your hair? I know I have. When I was a little girl and my family first came to Miami, my mom briefly went to beauty school and cut my hair. No big deal, right? That's why I didn't really think anything of it when I read that Cameron Diaz had her hair cut by a friend. But what I was surprised by was that she ended up crying after the friend cut her hair too short! I mean, come on, mourning the loss of our long locks… how Latina is that?!


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Although she just told InStyle that her short hair was "freeing", earlier this week she told Jay Leno a whole other story:

There was a little misunderstanding. I said, 'Oh I just want a little bit off' … and it went from here to here. I just burst into tears and started crying, and I felt so vulnerable. For a woman to all of a sudden have no hair, oh my god. I felt really bad, she felt really bad, she started crying, I started crying, a couple of other people started crying. I ended up writing her a few emails after, the next couple days, assuring her I wasn't going to kill her.

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I can totally relate! Although I think she's putting it much nicer than I would. I've definitely had occasions at the salon when my Cuban stylist cut about 3 inches shorter than I had asked and I was ready to kill somebody for sure. We take our hair very seriously, don't we? At least Cameron's hair is looking cuter than ever and she's definitely styling it in some fun ways these days. But if we see her growing it out, at least we won't be surprised why!

Have you ever cried over a haircut disaster?

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