Get great hair by tomorrow! Really! (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Perfect hair is something few are born with. In fact, must of us struggle every day to get it to the point where we're okay with it. And I am. Really! But as I have come to accept the thick, wavy hair I inherited from my abuelitos, I won't quit the search for formulas, tips and tricks that will make my job of washing, blowing and styling easier. Ideally those come in the form of quick answers so that I can go to work tomorrow with great, sexy hair. 

That is why, meeting Johnny Lavoy, hair consultant for L'Oréal Paris and their new line EverCréme, was so exciting. The tips he had to share are simple and reveal what you're doing wrong, and the reason why your curls (and mine!) are anything but bouncy and beautiful. So take note, these three minutes with the expert will change your life!


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What are some of your most frustrating hair care challenges?

Image via Madaise/Flickr


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