Get inspired by Flamenco style with pretty braids & flowers in your hair

Flamenco style of dancing is beautiful and the dresses have always impressed me. I always wanted to dress up like a Flamenco dancer as a little girl--in a beautiful frilly, ruffled dress that I could spin around in for ages.

But when I saw recent photos of pretty Flamenco girls at the Feria de Abril in Seville, Spain, what struck me the most was how gorgeous their hair looked. It immediately got me thinking that I need to try this hairstyle, featuring pretty braids in a bun and flowers in the hair.


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Now, I'll admit that I was one of the first to jump on the headband trend a few years ago. I became pretty obsessed and have collected around 30 headbands since then. I still like to wear them but I've gotten pretty bored recently. I'm looking for some fresh new looks.

That's why I was instantly inspired when I saw these Flamenco girls. They were wearing big huge flowers in their hair but had their hair tucked back in braids. How creative is that?! I definitely love this style so I'm taking some tips from Sonia's video on how to create chic braids and popping a big, beautiful flower into the look ala the Flamenco girls. Then I'll really be ready to rock!

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Here are some adorable floral headbands I found that should make recreating this look even easier!

1. Romantic Rosette Headwrap: This brightly colored flower (get it in the fuschia!) is perfect to live up to the Ole! spirit of the Flamenco dance. Available at, $3.

2. Always in Bloom Headband: This multi-colored has all of the pretty colors that will go with any outfit—but still make you stand out. Available on, $15.

3. Charlotte Bridal Placement Alice: This headband has very gentle crochet flower details with just a touch of diamond detail for the delicate look. Available on, $25.

Will you try braiding your hair and putting in flowers like the Flamenco girls?

Image via i be GINZ/flickr