Why are Latinas so obsessed with plastic surgery?

We all know that as a nation, the U.S. is pretty fixated on appearances--we are home to Hollywood after all! But according to a recent report by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there are six other surprising countries that also have no qualms about getting nipped and tucked, including two in Latin America: Brazil and Colombia.

On the list of the top 7 plastic surgery spots in the world, Brazil, Colombia and the United States take the fourth, fifth, and sixth spots respectively. In all three countries, liposuction was the most popular of the invasive surgeries with breast implants coming in a close second. And according to the data, Colombia has actually become a tourist destination for those loking for a little nip and tuck for a lot less money.


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Personally, I find the new information to be pretty disturbing. It brings up the all important question: Why are we, especially Latinas, so obsessed with looking perfect? And why are we willing to go to such lengths to do so? Surgery is not just potentially dangerous, it's also expensive. But these days, people are so focused on achieving physical perfection that some even take out loans to afford them. It's scary, upsetting, and quite frankly, more than a little insane.

I know that, to many, plastic surgery is no big deal. And on one hand, I understand why-- if it's for health issues, to try prevent future medical problems from occurring, or even if it's not, surgery is a person's prerogative.

But on the other hand, I just don't get it. As someone who is terrified of needles and automatically goes into panic mode upon entering a hospital, it seems ridiculous that individuals are willing to fork over thousands of dollars to get themselves physically altered just so they can meet some other people's stereotypical version of "pretty". Not to mention, the weeks of pain during recovery are just sooooo not worth it to me.

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So, why do people continue to fall into the trap? With the media's focus on all things beautiful and some of the world's most famous celebrities speaking out in favor of surgery, it's not hard to see why people around the globe are striving to be perfect. Still, there's something to be said about unaltered, natural beauty

And while I'm not necessarily against those who opt for surgery, I think it's important to realize that there are people (even celebrities!) who are gorgeous, fit, and happy without having gone under the knife. THAT's who we should really be celebrating.

What do you think of plastic surgery? Were you surprised to see these countries on the list?

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