Amazingly talented makeup artist transforms herself into celebrities on YouTube! (VIDEOS)

I've never been super creative when it comes to makeup. I like to keep everything simple and easy-to-do so I tend to stick with a pretty natural look. That's why I was AMAZED when I discovered Promise Phan, an incredible makeup artist who uses cosmetics to transform herself into celebrities on YouTube!

On her channel, dope 2111, Phan offers viewers a bunch of beauty videos, from step-by-step tutorials to more comical clips (like the one where her husband does her makeup). But most impressive are the ones in which she uses makeup, face paint, fake eyelashes and even Elmer's glue to sculpt her face into an insanely realistic version of some of Hollywood's biggest celebrities. So far, Phan has re-created herself to look like Latina Adriana Lima, Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, The Mona Lisa, and even male studs Drake and Johnny Depp!


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OK, is it silly to admit that I find this absolutely fascinating? I mean, some of the likenesses are just uncanny! Plus, they're even more impressive when you see the end result compared to Phan's natural face (which by the way, is super cute with or without makeup). 

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Seriously though, those makeovers take some real skill.  And with her videos gaining with over 96 millions views on YouTube, I bet it's not too long before some Hollywood big shot hires her to work on a movie set!

Watch Phan literally turn into a different person below:

Mona Lisa



Angelina Jolie

Adriana Lima

What do you think of Phan's transformations?

Image via Promise Phan/facebook

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