Allure's new nude photo shoot should inspire women everywhere to get naked!

Newsstands around the world have gotten an extra dose of sexiness with the release of Allure's new nude photo shoot, starring Latina actress Morena Baccarin and several other beautiful leading ladies. The brave celebs stripped down for the beauty magazine's annual "Naked Truth" series, which features portraits of the stars completely naked except for a few pieces of jewelry.

Baccarin's photo shows her wearing only a sparking necklace and a bracelet as she stands near a window, covering with her breasts with one arm. With short hair and minimal makeup, there's no disguising her killer bod. Not that she needs any covering up--the Homeland star looks absolutely gorgeous!

Maria Menounos, Debra Messing, Leslie Bibb and Taraji P. Henson also participated in the shoot and their portraits are equally stunning, with several of them draped across beds or pressed up against a window frame.


When I first saw the pictures, I was in awe! I find the shot totally amazing--yes, partly because I, for one, don't think I would ever be brave enough to participate in a nude photo shoot anywhere, let alone in a national magazine. But mostly, I just think the Naked Truth series is inspiring because it shows these women, ranging in age from 31 to 43, completely embracing their bodies! Some of the stars were nervous about letting it all hang out (Debra Messing admitted to indulging in some "liquid courage" before the shoot!), but they were all fearless enough to go through with it anyway.

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But though I absolutely love the female empowerment behind the idea of these photos, there's one thing I would have changed: the Photoshopping. Though reports claimed that there was only very minimal retouching done on the pictures, I think even that was unnecessary.  After all, the purpose of these photos is to show that even the biggest stars in America have body hang-ups but that they work to defeat them, just like everybody else. So why go against that by digitally "improving" them--especially because I seriously doubt these beautiful ladies needed any help in the first place! I mean, look at them!

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While I would have much preferred to see the original photos (with no retouching) be published, I am encouraged to see that even in today's overly critical, plastic surgery obsessed society, there actually still are female celebrities who refuse to buy into the hype. And the fact that many of them are willing to do this in their 40's after having kids is even more inspirational! Their attitude is so refreshing and motivates me (as it should women everywhere) to embrace the same kind of confidence. Who knows? Maybe when I'm a mom, I'll be stripping down too!

What do you think of these photos? Do you agree with the retouching?

Image via Allure

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