3 of the cutest spring nail tutorials EVER! (VIDEO)

Spring has officially sprung ya'll, and that means that it's time to bust out the skirts and dresses and make sure you got your pedicure on because those tootsies are coming out to play--yay!!!

OK, so by now you all know that I love getting my nails did. I wasn't really all that into nail designs before, but when the old 50s and 60s style half-moon manicures came back, I feel head over heels in love. Now that I'm on this path, I seriously can't help myself. The next step in feeding my cute mani/pedi obsession is trying to learn how to do these adorable designs on my own, cause, for real--it's an expensive habit chicas!


In the spirit of self suffieciency I've assembled a few of my very favorite designs for you to try out now that warm weather is coming our way. I'm excited. Can you tell?

Check out this cool cherry blossom design! I love the bright blue background, and seriously, this one doesn't seem all that difficult because it doesn't require laser like precision. Fair warning: Black nail polish is a b#@% to work with:

Next up is this adorable daisy nail tutorial. The edgy green/khaki base keeps this from being too saccharine sweet:

This video is two-in-one! Jessica is a great because she really goes the extra mile with her designs, but you can always stop along the way if you want to keep it simple. Also, her idea to use reinforcements to creat the perfect half-moon at the base of the nail is brilliant! Watch both--the strawberries are soooo cute:

Can you DIY design your own nail art? Are you into these trendy new designs?

Image via YouTube