Love it or Leave it? La la Anthony's ombre bangs

Lately, I've seriously been considering ombre highlights. You know what I'm talking about? Those are the highlights where the bottom of your hair is way lighter than your roots. Salma Hayek had them, and Camila Alves rocked some really pretty and subtle ombre highlights for a while too.

Well, now La La Anthony is taking the trend to a whole other level. The actress, hostess and mom recently stepped out the other day for the Atlanta premiere of her new film Think Like a Man showing off an edgy new hair do!


Anthony, 32, added some super dramatic blonde ombre highlights to her hair back in February that, literally, made me squeal with joy. You see, I've been looking for a celebrity whose ombre highlights I could copy, but most of them were really light brown to blonde or some other version of hair that was way lighter than mine. Then I saw La La, and since we have similar skintones I KNEW I could pull this off. See how cute she looks?

This week, she spread the trend to her bangs. I'm not sure many could pull this look off, but I think she looks really great! Part of the secret to pulling off this look is confidence and La La is always rocking new trends--be it fashion or beauty--with flair. So it's no surprise that she managed to pull this two-toned bang off look so well.

But I want to know what you think, so tell me: Are you loving La La's ombre highlight bangs or do you hate this new hair trend?

Images via Getty Images

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