Is there something going on that I'm not aware of? After reading about the real-life Barbie doll, I thought that was the scariest teen girl that I could ever see. She's pretty, yes, but also weirdly scary.

But now there's another teenager freaking me out: 15-year-old Venus Angelic, a girl who dresses up like a real living doll and teachers others how to look like her in popular YouTube videos.

It seems like this is a new trend for teen girls: dressing up like dolls. Why is this Ok? It's fetishistic and just downright weird. 

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Angelic likes dressing up like her dolls and now puts up online tutorials to teach other young girls how to the look. In a video, she tells the Huffington Post that "some people were asking me, 'how do you do your makeup?' and I decided to put a tutorial on YouTube." 

Apparently she was originally inspired by her love of Japanese anime culture, which makes sense since she sort of looks like an anime caricature. Her eyes are huge, her pinks rosy and her makeup just right. 

I used to love anime as a teen, but I was never inspired to make myself look like a doll. To hear this girl tell it, it sounds like the best thing that's ever happened to her. But is she going to grow up to be a doll-like adult? That, to me, is even scarier than her appearance now. 

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Do you think that teen girls dressing up as real dolls is a new trend? Would you ever let your daughter take instruction from these videos?

Image via Venus Angelic/facebook

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LOL well does she do this everyday??? She is pretty but it is weird if she is doing it everyday. It would be cute on Halloween but no other day....


What a creeper. lol.


wow she's really creepy! haha did you hear her talking? so weird


I think the make up isn't that bad.. but I dont know the main idea , the concept and the purpose of that make up is what scares me the most... lol  the dolls and the other girls trying to look like scary dolls is kinda psycho!!!


Wow, i love anime but.... lol She is Creepy!! 


weird, too young to used make-up and that voice is annoying

Pretty interesting! I think it's OK if she does it once in awhile for fun, but not every day.

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Why is everybody in this comment thread, as well as the writer of the article, so judgmental? If she likes looking this way and is proud of how she looks, what's wrong with that? I say more power to her for finding something that she loves and doing it even though other people are evidently criticizing her for it because it doesn't conform to their personal standards of beauty.
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This video is being misrepresented severely in this article. I see it as more part of a trend on make up "how to" videos that are all over you tube and cover everything from masque balls, zombies, dolly face, anime, fairy tale, workplace, dinner, ballet, movie make up and so one. The dolls she is describing and striving to look like are from Asia, the most famous of them being from Japan-- but they are not a direct part of "anime culture". Asian Ball Jointed Dolls stem from the European traditional dolls made before the turn of the century and through the Victorian era-- and even some through the 1950s in the united states. Combined with the art dolls of Japanese culture the result became the resin dolls that can be found all over the world today. They are considering interactive art pieces. This idea is again combined with Japanese costume culture, which brings us to this girl, who is being creative and expressive. I think the article is a bit rude and insensitive to cultural diversity, which is kind of depressing considering it is on a multilingual website. Please do your research before you just post and bash. That said, thank you for sharing the video.
Yes, this clearly a real issue. Because as we all know, every time a girl dresses up like a doll 100 innocent are picked at random and anally raped to death by Cthulhu's minions.
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