Curly hair styles that can take you from day to night

All curly-haired chicas know the blessings and challenges of rulitos.  Curly hair is eye-catching and feminine.  On the down side, of course, there are humid days and dry ends.  Curly hair can be a little tricky when taking it from a "day" look to a "night" look.  But don't despair.  Here are a few quick ideas for how to make the transition smooth.


First, as all curly-haired women know, moisture is the key to rocking great curls.  This is also the case when livening up your look for night time.   Keep a refreshing curly-hair spray in your desk.  A few quick spritzes work some life right back into your curls.

Second, the great thing that curly hair has is body… so work with it!  Get a sparkly claw clip and pull hair your hair loosely up by your crown.  Instant glamour.  Make it loose and full.

Another hot look that a lot of celebrities are rocking is the loose side braid.  Curly hair is a natural for it, giving it a hip vibe.  Simply spray your hair with a curl-enhancer, divide your hair into three pieces, start the braid near the back of your head and bring it forward with each loop.  Leave a long, undone piece at the end and add dazzle accordingly.  Side pony tails also look glam with curly hair.  You have a 10-minute evening look that you can get done in the office before heading out on the town.

For a sweet, romantic curly-hair evening look, go for the loose bun at the nape of neck, accomplished with a quick twist and some small claw clips hidden under your curls.  Be sure to leave a few loose curls out to frame your face.  My mom used to call these "busca novios" (boyfriend finders) because she said men couldn't resist the look.

Whether it's a soft side ponytail or a romantic bun, with the right product and a few minutes of creativity, curly hair can be taken from day to night.  It's up to you to supply the fun.

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