Penelope Cruz's Oscar hair is my new 'do

Everyone's talking about the Oscars today and I'm no different. Most of the conversations revolve around who won, who lost and who looked good. I'm in love with Esperanza Spalding's beautiful singing during the In Memoriam tribute as well as Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez showing off their amazing backsides during the presentation.

One of my other favorite parts of the show was Penelope Cruz. Many people this morning are gushing about the exquisite Giorgio Armani custom organza gown that she wore. The off-the-shoulder number is truly gorgeous, I admit but what really captured my attention was her hair. She was sporting a gently waved retro bob that I am now officially obsessed with.


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For the last few years I was trying to grow out my hair. It finally got about halfway down my back before I changed my mind and decided to chop it off again. Now it's above my shoulders and I'm loving it. Unfortunately, there's not as many things to do if I want to spice things up for a social event. But Penelope's hair has inspired me.

I have totally different hair than her, though. Mine is thin and straight, so I know getting it into the sexy retro wave that she has is going to be difficult. I also don't have a team to work on my hair and make it perfect. Instead, I'm investing in the Conair minipro deep wave ceramic styler to duplicate her gorgeous locks.

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There were some less-than-positive comments on Twitter about her hair but, for the most part, I think everyone's loving the retro look. Now all I have to do is premiere my own soon-to-be retro waved locks. Thanks, Penelope, for the inspiration.

What did you think of Penelope Cruz's hair at the 2012 Oscars? Were you inspired by any other hairstyles at this year's Academy Awards?

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