The 5 best & bounciest hairstyles for curly hair

OK, so though I'm documented lover of the Brazilian blowout, this does not--contrary to popular belief--mean that I hate my curls. I actually bypassed the famed the Japanese straightening treatment for the Brazilian blowout because I was assured that the latter would not totally flatten my tresses, and it was true.

Though my hair is much smoother now and I rarely have the bouts of frizz I used to contend with regularly, I still struggled to find a haircut that I could love. I wanted an actual style, not just the same long layers I've rocked since the 8th grade (yup, I've been really adventurous in the past chicas, actually no--not at all!) so I did some research and wound up with probably the best haircut I've ever had in my life. Here are my picks for the cutest curly hair cuts, and I didn't cheat with any long "hair cuts" either! You can thank me later:



Thandie Newton's Lob

This is basically the haircut I have now, except Ms. Thandie's hair is even curlier than mine. When I first chopped my locks, many of my friends and family were dubious (except for my hubs, he totally had my back). "How is it going to look curly?" they asked me again and again. When I washed my lob--or "long bob" for those of you wondering what I'm talking about--everyone was shocked at how cute it was! The key here is to get a LOT of layers cut in to your hair so that the curls can fall in their natural patterns and not cause a mushroom cloud effect.

Alicia Keys' Shoulder-Length Ringlets

This cut ALMOST makes me want to grow my hair out. I love how the deep side part compliments her face and the volume; oh…it's just downright sexy! Keys obviously takes really good care of her curls, so you might as well get a deep conditioning treatment while you're asking for this cut at the salon. It's a pretty straight-forward layered look with a bit of a side-swept bang. I'm absolutely obsessed with Carol's Daughter Monoi Oil Repairing conditioner ($20). I swear the second my hair starts to lose luster I use this stuff ONCE and it's back to its shiny bouncy self.

Violante Placido's Perfect Short cut

This is short hair down to perfection if you've got curls. Note the almost haphazard-seeming layers (believe me, they are NOT random) and the way this hot Italian actress carries them off like she just stumbled out of bed and oops!--Found herself on to the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival (trust me, she didn't). Anyhow, it's the absolute perfect cut if you're in to the messy, bedhead feel...this is probably where I'm heading with my next haircut since I'm obsessed with roll out of bed sexy hair.

Zendaya Coleman's Fresh Bob

This Disney starlet proves that a great bob can make anyone look sleek and sophisticated. A bit shorter in the back than it is in the front, this cut frames the teen queen's face perfectly, drawing attention to her gorgeous eyes while the side-swept bangs still provide a little come-hither sexiness. Wait--maybe THIS will be my next cut?

What are your favorite haircuts for curly hair?

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