Valentine's Day can be a touchy subject for some, especially for single women. But guess what? You don't need a significant other to look fabulous! Whether you have plans with your partner, or will be enjoying a night on the town with your girlfriends, consider adding a flirtatious touch to your look with a bold red lip. Here are some quick tips on how to wear rock this bold lip and how to find the right one--red lipstick that is!  


1. Consider your skin tone before purchasing
Quality lipsticks aren't cheap. Spend your money wisely by selecting a shade that best fits your skin tone. Bold reds like plum and wine go well with darker skin, while medium tones can play with a variety of colors including corals and bright pinks and reds.

2. Moisturize before applying
Avoid dry or chapped looking lips by exfoliating, and then applying a soothing balm under the lipstick.

3. Stay in the lines
There's nothing worse than a messy red lip, so please invest in a thin brush and take your time.

4. Go glam with a black liner
If you want an extra glamorous look, consider wearing dark eyeliner. Don't want to overdo it? Add a few coats of mascara and light shadow instead.

5. Look in the mirror before the leaving house
How many times have you seen lipstick on women's teeth? Don't be that girl! Prevent this beauty blunder by making an "O" with your mouth and using your index finger to remove any lipstick that may have strayed to your inner lips. Make sure to double check before you leave the house and always have a Kleenex handy!

I've tried many red lipsticks, stains and glosses in my life as a beauty blogger and NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil is my all-time favorite. If you're in a colder environment where your lips tend to be drier, I would recommend the Velvet Gloss Pencil instead of the matte as it has more moisture.

Do you love to rock a bold red lip? What's your favorite brand and shade?

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