9 Latin superfoods that will make you gorgeous

We've already told you that there's one Latino superfood that you should absolutely be feeding your baby, but did you know that eating some our favorite foods can also be good for your skin?

Making an effort to eat nutrient-dense foods (also known as superfoods) that are high in antioxidant and vitamins is good for your overall health, like your heart and your beauty routine. Lucky for us, some of our family recipes are already packed full of satisfying-and-nutritious goodness.

  1. Avocado:  This fruit is native to Central America and full of fiber, folate, potassium, vitamin E and magnesium.  
  2. Coconut Water: Filled with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and enzymes, no wonder it's good for you.
  3. Salmon: The wild (not farmed) version of this easy-to-make cold-water fish is full of Omega-3 fatty acids.
  4. Beans: These protein-rich superfoods are also packed full of fiber and are one of the foods we reach for most.
  5. Papaya: Very nutrient dense but low in calories, it has plenty of vitamins A and C and is rich in potassium.
  6. Quinoa: Called "the gold of the Incas", this grain is a complete aprotein since it contains all nine amino acids.
  7. Peppers: Although hot peppers have the most antioxidant qualities, they all have double the Vitamin C found in citrus fruits.
  8. Dark Chocolate: Go for the darker the better since at least 60% cacoa content bars are packed full of antioxidants.
  9. Garlic: There are nearly 100 nutrients found in this flavor-elevating superfood that also has anti-inflammatory qualities.

What is your favorite Latino superfood and how do you prepare it?

Image via Elsa4Sound/flickr

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