Sofia Vergara inspired my latest beauty obsession

I've never been a huge fan of lipstick. My mom never wore much makeup, so anything I learned was pretty much on my own.

Early on I read that you should emphasize just one feature on your face to make it stand out: either eyes or lips. Since I've always been complimented on my big, expressive eyes and long eye lashes (thank you, papi's family genetics), I tended to favor the smokey eye with plenty of black mascara to make my eyes stand out. Since I never went for lipstick, I never got used to its sticky feel it and the way it would rub off after a couple bites of my apple. But that all changed when I found my new favorite beauty product: the lip stain.


When I first heard about the product, I didn't understand how it could stay on my lips almost all day. On the other hand, the word "stain" made me worry that it would be too hard to remove. But seeing Sofia Vergara's perfectly painted pout on Modern Family made me decide to try it out after all.

I headed to the nearest pharmacy (because, let's face it, I wasn't going to spend a ton of money to try a product I may not even like) and bought Revlon's Just Bitten lip stain in a bright red shade called "Gothic". I wanted the powerful color because I felt that if I was going to emphasize my lips, I was really going to emphasize my lips. The red may play into one of our culture's biggest stereotypes but it's one that I've always embraced.

I like red, okay? And there's something about the red lip stain that really drew me from the start. The tube itself looks kind of funny, with a marker-looking tip on one side (the stain) and a clear lip balm on the other. Whenever I reapply in public, people stare at me. They must be wondering what I'm doing putting a marker on my lips. But it works wonders, trust me.

It goes on matte but once you apply the lip balm, you'll see a nice, soft sheen over your lips. Not only does will it not rub off when you're eating, it's also kissing-friendly.  Plus, the marker-tip makes the application precise.

I don't know why it took me so long to wear this amazing beauty product. In my family, I talk a lot and eat even more. I like that now I have an easy beauty solution to those long dinners that will keep me (and my labios) looking fabulous.

Is there a beauty product that you've always been afraid to try but then when you did, you fell in love?

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