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WATCH: Women catcalling men will make you laugh your pompis off!


Have you seen this video that has been making the internet rounds about what it would be like if women were the ones doing the catcalling? It's funny and actually something I've thought about a lot before. In fact, in March I wrote a post here about the very same thing called, 8 Catcalls for women who want to give men a taste of their own medicine. It's interesting because I think we all know that if women were the ones doing the catcalling, the catcalls would be nowhere near as obscene, disgusting, demeaning and sometimes downright threatening as the catcalls some men throw women's way.

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Mátalo de placer acariciándolo con los pies con éstas excelentes técnicas


La clásica escena de las películas donde la amante le coquetea muy sensualmente a su pareja por debajo de la mesa y frente a las narices de la esposa, es con los pies ¿cierto? Y te has puesto a pensar que esa técnica es simplemente infalible para hacerlos caer redonditos. Estoy convencida que si en alguna cena con tu pareja, se te ocurre hacerle cariñitos con tus pies, de momento le extrañará, pero después te lanzará unas miradas que te dejarán puestísima para el encuentro posterior. Hay muchas más técnicas para acariciar con los pies que son un exitazo.

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Can you guess the celeb tacones?


You can't deny that celeb shoes are one of the best accessories to look at! Our shoe game might be tight, but a televised red carpet event always reminds us that there's more work to be done. Whether they are fashion fails or trendsetting pairs, tacones are a universal hobby for all women.


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Geraldine Bazán y Gabriel Soto celebran su aniversario ¡distanciados!


Me incomoda que las últimas publicaciones sobre Geraldine Bazán y Gabriel Soto, sean sobre su alejamiento por temas de trabajo. Mandar flores por correspondencia ó saludarse en redes sociales, se está haciendo una constante en la relación entre el par de actores mexicanos. Tanto que ni en su séptimo aniversario pudieron estar juntos. ¿Soportará su amor tanta distancia?

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1-year-old found dead after drinking liquid nicotine

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are becoming more and more popular, but those who use them are going to have to be much more careful now that the first child's death from liquid nicotine has been reported. An unfortunate 1-year-old child has died after ingesting the substance used in these e-cigarettes and although police consider it a "tragic accident," it's obvious more needs to be done to prevent further tragedies.

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Arnica: 10 Facts about this amazing medicine plant


The benefits of arnica are being hailed all over the place lately. My mother goes on and on about arnica and its miraculous medicinal benefits and I've seen Spanish-language commercials for it many times. I myself have used it to treat bruising and swelling and can tell you that I found it to be super helpful like to the point of WOW! Much of arnica's appeal for medicinal purposes comes from centuries of anecdotal evidence like mine rather than scientific studies, but that hasn't stopped the herb from being highly sought after for its believed health benefits.

So let's get into 10 facts about arnica so we know how to use it safely because it can actually be dangerous.

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Woman with serious vitiligo finally gets her old face back

A 24-year-old woman from Los Angeles with a severe skin condition is finally getting her life back. Lisa Johnson developed vitiligo when she was 7 years old, a condition that left her skin covered in white patches. The poor girl has experienced bullying throughout most of her childhood. But a new treatment is about to change her entire life!

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5 Tips básicos para que dejar de amamantar a tu bebé no se te haga tan difícil

Dar pecho es una de los mejores regalos que puedes darle a tu bebé pero, créeme amiga, hay límites. Mi única opción fue destetar a mi niño de un día para otro, pero por suerte existen algunos truquitos que pueden aliviar el proceso sin poner en riesgo la salud emocional o física de ambos. ¡Ya lo verás!

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10 Gifts you should NEVER give a Latina mom


Has the holiday stress gotten to you? If it has, let's take a laughter break to help it go away; if it hasn't, let's take a laughter break to prevent it from building up. As we do our best to come up with the perfect gifts for everyone, let's take a moment to ponder what we as Latina moms do NOT want this Christmas. Oh and if you are not a Latina mom and you are reading this, then you should note that these are the 10 most offensive things you can give a Latina mom.

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Frases que JAMAS deberías decir a una amiga con sobrepeso


Esta necesidad que tiene la sociedad de imponernos un molde de belleza es horrible y peor es que con comentarios crueles quieras herir o motivar a alguien a que quepa en ese molde. La belleza viene en diferentes empaques, colores, tamaños, pesos. Nadie tiene el derecho a hacer comentarios que agredan la autoestima de una mujer con sobrepeso, sea mucho o poco. No me parece correcto que solo las mujeres delgadas sean las únicas con derecho a la belleza y a las palabras bonitas ¿te lo has preguntado?

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