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Mexican French toast rolls the family will flip for!


Some people are geniuses when it comes to coming up with fantastic ideas in the kitchen. Sadly, I am not one, but I am good at recognizing genius when I see it. Take for example this recipe or Mexican French toast rolls or dedos gitanos, if you prefer, created by Chef Pati Jinich, from Pati's Mexican Table on PBS. Look at them! They are gorgeous, delicious and you won't believe how easy they are to make! Genius, I tell you! Absolute GENIUS!

This is the kind of creation that kids and adults go crazy for. What I really love about this recipe is that it looks beautiful and complicated, but is actually rolled up simplicity sprinkled with sugar. How come these kinds of ideas never spontaneously occur to me? I guess that's because I'm not a genius in the kitchen. Ni modo, I'm still going to reap the rewards, though, and you can too.

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Esta confesión de Angélica María ¡te sorprenderá!

Hoy es el cumpleaños de Angélica María y, al parecer, ser abuela otra vez sería el mejor regalo que La Novia de México podría recibir. Ella habla maravillas de su nieto Daniel Nicolás nacido hace un mes, y adora tanto el papel de abuela que dice que quiere volver a vivirlo. pero no se trata exactamente de lo que tú piensas. No conforme con disfrutar a sus dos nietos por parte de su hija Angélica Vale y su yerno Otto Padrón, la dama de la actuación desea volver a ser abuela. ¡Entérate por qué!

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12 Celebrities who should stop lying about their fake butts


This year has been properly dubbed "the year of the booty" thanks to all of the butt-themed music videos and belfies that have surfaced the Web. As Latinas, curves have always been in style in our culture. People have just finally decided to get with the program, which has led to a lot of celebs looking especially enhanced in that area. We all know Jennifer Lopez's butt has been given the seal of authenticity from fans, but there are countless of other stars who are probably rocking plastic booties. 

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Truco sexual para retorcerlo de placer


Como ya es viernes, no me puedo ir a disfrutar mi fin de semana sin darte el tip sexual para que aproveches el tuyo. Este consejito hará que tu adorado tormento se revuelque de placer en tu cama y tú terminarás siendo venerada como Afrodita, la diosa de la lujuria. ¿Te animas? Esta técnica que te voy a platicar requiere de dos elementos importantísimos: té y hielo. Vamos a jugar con dos temperaturas que combinadas con el sexo oral, serán la maniobra sexual perfecta para tu pareja.

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5 Surprising ways to protect your family from a cold​


Cariños, it's time to brace ourselves for cold season. And I'm sure you have a few tried and true tricks up your sleeve for keeping yourself and your family healthy, but it never hurts to learn a few more. Especially some that are a little less conventional than say, washing your hands regularly. You'd be surprised at some of the ways you can protect your family from getting colds.

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Baja de peso rapidito con un té blanco ¡bien frío!


Parece mentira que un simple té pueda hacer los milagros que necesitas para entrar en esos jeans que adoras, pero que vieron sus mejores tiempos muchas libritas atrás. Hoy vas a saltar en un pie cuando te cuente de las maravillas del té blanco, que entre otras cosas le dirá adiós a los números de la báscula que tanto te atormentan. Esta infusión además se toma fría y es súper ligera y sabrosa. Ahí te va la receta.

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5 Most stressful things about pregnancy

Pregnancy can stress you out since you may feel your body is out of control. You are carrying the most important thing ever in it, and you want to make sure it all goes swimmingly. The unknown can be frightening and, of course it makes you anxious.

When I was pregnant, I used to worry about ways to hide the sixth finger my baby was going to be born with. I even asked my husband to count his fingers as soon as she was born! Of course she didn't have an extra digit and I wasted all that energy worrying about it. I know you're probably anxious about your pregnancy too, so hopefully this article will answer some questions.

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7 Accesorios que no debes ignorar si quieres estar a la moda este otoño

accesorios PHOTOS

Los accesorios para este otoño parecen tener más personalidad que nunca. Botas con todo tipo de estilo y diseño, carteras divertidas, anillos monumentales, texturas provocativas. Pareciera que la única verdadera tendencia es la creatividad.

Con esto no quiero decir que el otoño de 2014 no tenga un estilo propio. Hay muchas líneas rectas, humor y ropa con estructura. Pero lo mejor es que con un poquito de esfuerzo y una inversión pequeña podrás estar al tono de cualquier revista de moda y verte divina.

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5 Ways to remove facial hair that won't give you a 5 o'clock shadow

Hair removal is a pretty annoying thing, especially for us women. But what's even more annoying is facial hair. I don't struggle with upper lip hair or anything but I do have  naturally thick brows that grow faster than you could ever imagine. And I've recently started noticing this one hair growing on my chin that's been seriously freaking me out. I can't decide whether I should pluck it out with a tweezer or just shave if off. What's really the best way to deal with facial hair?

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Ritual para eliminar la envidia de tu casa


¿No te ha pasado que sientes una energía rara en tu casa? La envidia es una cosa terrible y a veces es difícil alejarla de tu hogar. Por suerte, existen varios rituales que limpian las vibras que traen las personas envidiosas sin necesidad de crear mayores problemas. ¡Funciona en un dos por tres!

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