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Demi Lovato's inspiring message about battling bulimia will make you cry


Just when I thought I couldn't love Demi Lovato even more, she goes ahead and shares such a beautiful inspirational message on Instagram, it moved me to tears! Dammit, Demi!

The 22-year-old "I Really Don't Care" singer posted a photo montage of herself on Instagram Monday, captioning it with a personal message to her fans. "This picture makes me feel so many mixed emotions," Demi writes in reference to the four side-by-side pics of herself posing on the red carpet at the VMAs over the course of her career. "I remember the day I wore the dress in the very first picture. I remember asking for Spanx to flatten my stomach because I use to feel so heavy and 'fat.' Now looking at this picture, you can clearly see my hip bones. It makes me sad because I wasted so many years ashamed of my body when I could've been living the happy and healthy life I live today. It TRULY just goes to show you that your perceptions can lie to you. Or they can make you learn to enjoy life."

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Pobre perro es víctima de la PEOR crueldad que jamás hayas escuchado


Es un caso de horror y extrema agresión hacia los animales lo que estoy a punto de relatarte. Un perrito de poco más de un año de edad, fue salvajemente violado y torturado al punto que le sacaron un ojo. Tales vejaciones sufrió el animalito que tiene a toda una comunidad en Yucatán, México escandalizada, horrorizada e indignada. El caso ha cruzado las fronteras y ni te imaginas lo que ha provocado esta denuncia.

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Toddler born with intestines outside her body is still unable to eat

Most of us take for granted simple acts such as enjoying a meal. Georgia Diamond, a toddler in England, has been denied that pleasure. She suffers from a rare medical condition known as gastroschisis. The 23-month-old was born with her intestines outside of her body. She can only eat via a feeding tube. Georgia's only hope to ever eat snacks like other kids her age is to undergo an intestine transplant, but the procedure has been put on hold for another two years.

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WATCH: Dad catches daughter taking selfies & it's HILARIOUS


Major kudos to a daddy that caught his daughter mid-selfie session and recorded it so we could all laugh at how ridiculous a teenager looks taking selfies. It all went down in the car while Rod Beckham was playing chauffeur to his daughter. He caught a glimpse of some kind of shenanigans going on in the back seat via his rear view mirror and when he realized that his daughter was conducting her very own extended selfie photo shoot, he laughed and watched for a bit and then realized he absolutely had to catch this on video because it's FREAKIN' hilarous.

I'm thinking you will get a serious kick out of the video below.

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Morirás de envidia cuando veas cómo salió Lola Ponce del hospital tras dar a luz


Es impresionante la recuperación de una famosa a horas de haber dado a luz. Muérete de la envidia--como lo han hecho muchas--pues Lola Ponce, la esposa del bomboncito de Aaron Díaz, salió del hospital donde tuvo a su segunda hija, como si hubiera ido a visitar a una amiga. Tacones altos, shorts y caminando como Pedro por su casa. Impresionante la recuperación de esta argentina que ha provocado cantidad de comentarios por lucir espectacular. ¿Cuál es el pecado?

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Enrollados de queso que NO ENGORDAN ideales para las meriendas escolares

Esta receta es una delicia porque combina queso con fruta, en unos enrollados no hay que cocinar y además tiene una "mayonesa" que no engorda porque se prepara con yogur desgrasado. Me encanta porque me saca de apuros para un almuerzo en la casa y también cuando se la pongo a mis niños en la lonchera para el colegio. Gracias a los productores de leche de Florida (Florida Dairy Farmers) quienes siempre envías delicias como esta para que pueda compartirlas contigo.

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Newborn baby clinging to life after mom throws her in trash


Something sounded like a cat trapped inside the trash can, but when the woman opened the lid, she found a newborn baby girl crying in distress. According to Utah's law enforcement, Alicia Marie Englert abandoned her infant an hour before she was discovered. The baby was rushed to the hospital, fighting for its life, and the 24-year-old mother was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

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Woman got her first plastic surgery at 6 years old & is FAR from done

Unhappy with her looks, a 25-year-old woman from the U.K. has spent over $40,000 on plastic surgery in hopes of getting the perfect body. Maddison Hawk has had everything done from liposuction, lip fillers, a breast enhancement and yet still wants to do more. She's so obsessed that she doesn't plan on stopping until she finally looks the way that she wants!

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Surge rival al reto de la cubeta de agua helada pero su causa es MUY controversial


Un nuevo reto ha surgido para hacerle competencia al de la cubeta de agua helada, pero es algo mucho más fácil y placentero. Se trata de consumir tacos o cerveza y donar a cualquier organización lucrativa en favor del aborto. Este reto causa polémica no por lo que se tiene que consumir, sino por la causa a la que favorece. La inició una periodista en Texas, que está en contra de las leyes tan estrictas en contra del aborto. Te cuento cómo va reaccionando la gente.

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Little girl accidentally kills gun instructor with Uzi & it's all caught on tape


On Monday, Charles Vacca, a 39-year-old former soldier with a young family, was accidentally shot and killed by a 9-year-old girl he was teaching to fire an Uzi. Vacca was working as an instructor at a shooting range in Arizona when the accident happened and he was airlifted to a local hospital, but unfortunately died soon after.

What happened is tragic on so many levels. The whole ordeal was caught on video by the girl's parents. Part of the video has been released by the Mojave County Sheriff's Department. It appears that the accident happened because the Uzi was switched from single shot mode to automatic and, not surprisingly,  the little girl lost control of the weapon.

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