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Lose weight and detox with the one gallon challenge

After the ALS ice bucket craze, a new challenge has popped up--the one gallon challenge to detoxify your body quickly and easily. And just in time, too, because after a summer of indulging and accepting all those BBQ invites, we could probably use a little health kick. But before you balk at the thought of healthy habits and the season coming to a close, read on to learn how to take on this sweet and tasty challenge.

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127-year-old Mexican woman shares secret to living a long life


At 127 years young, Leandra Becerra Lumbreras knows a thing or two about living life to the fullest. So when she recently let it slip that her secret to living a long life has been eating chocolate to her heart's content and sleeping in, you'd better believe I went out and bought myself the biggest box of Godiva I could find and ate myself into a chocolate-induced coma. But to be fair, I do that every Tuesday

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Té de LECHUGA para calmar los nervios ¡naturalmente!


Los nervios son un enemigo silencioso. La verdad es que no te das cuenta que están allí hasta que ya te entran los ataques de pánico. Por suerte existe un remedio natural que es capaz de liberarte del estrés sin necesidad de pastillas. Sigue leyendo para que veas de qué se trata.

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8 Celebrity-inspired haircuts to try this fall


Kim Kardashian is proof that changing seasons call for a fresh, new haircut. The reality star had her famously long, dark mane chopped off and shared a close-up snap of the new look to Instagram with the caption, "New hair cut alert #shorter #JenAtkin." This is probably the shortest Kim has ever gone and she's totally working it. In fact, I love it so much I'm considering getting it for fall--check it out!

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Maite Perroni revela cómo recuperar el cabello maltratado


No creo estar exagerando cuando digo que nadie tiene el cabello más hermoso que Maite Perroni. Hay muchas famosas que tienen lindo pelo, pero mejor que el de esta artista mexicana nadie, y ha sido lo suficientemente generosa como para compartirme su secreto de belleza. La verdad es que me sorprendió lo fácil que es y, en cierta forma, predecible. No vas a creer lo que hace para cuidárselo. En especial, después del maltrato que recibió durante las primeras grabaciones de La Gata, la novela que protagoniza con Daniel Arenas.

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Masturbation could save your man's life


It looks like men have yet another reason to stock up on tissue this flu season. A group of German scientists recently discovered that men who show themselves a little intimate TLC tend to have better immune systems than those who don't. Well, it's nice to know researchers are making good use of all that hard-to-come-by grant money, amiright?

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Pastor crisitiano MATA sin piedad a jovencita de 14 años


Pensé que lo había escuchado todo en cuanto a los pervertidos cristianos, pero ésta historia me tiene con el estomago revuelto. Un pastor cristiano en México mató de la manera más brutal y salvaje a su novia, porque la encontró teniendo relaciones sexuales con otro. Lo peor de este asunto no es como la mató, pero la clase de relación que tenían. Yo la clasifico como el abuso de un depravado pedófilo y ahora te digo porqué...

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Huge celebrity nude photo leak proves no one's sexy selfies are safe!


A "hacker" (I'll tell you why I use the term in quotes later) being referred to as the "original guy" leaked stolen cellphone images of nude celebrities which include Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst and Ariana Grande. It's unclear how these images were accessed. All that is known for sure is that this anonymous criminal posted the photos on the website 4Chan and after FBI started investigating, went online to say that he (assuming it's a guy) didn't do this cybercrime on his own. Oh well then, I guess if you didn't do it alone, it isn't so bad. DISGUSTING!

This is when us regular folks sigh in relief that we aren't famous because OH MY GAWD, how awful is this and how can we protect ourselves from something like this happening to us?!

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Her weight plummeted to 70lbs before cheerleading saved her life!


Lynne Lang was an average teenager who loved going to school and being a cheerleader, but when she was 17 years old, she was diagnosed with anorexia. She only weighted 70 pounds and her life was in danger. Hospitalized and hooked to a heart monitor, Lynne wasn't allowed to do anything physical, especially practicing her beloved sport.  She thought her life was over. Cheerleading was the motivation Lynne needed to recover, gain weight and get her life back.

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Adolescente muere misteriosamente en brazos de su entrenador

No me puedo imaginar el dolor de esta familia. Hasta ayer, Miles Kirland-Thomas, un adolescente de 16 años, era un prospecto de jugador de fútbol americano. De hecho, ayer llegó corriendo a la práctica. Llegó retrasado porque por el feriado federal no había transporte público que lo llevara al campo deportivo. Por eso se fue corriendo, incluso por una empinada cuesta. Como llegó tarde, su entrenador le ordenó hacer sprints. Pero después de dos vueltas, se paró. Estaba hablando con su coach cuando Miles se desplomó y lo que sigue es una historia que ninguna mamá quisiera tener que escuchar.

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