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Sebastián Rulli y Angelique Boyer llevan su amor al teatro

La parejita del momento, Sebastián Rulli y Angelique Boyer, no se despegan ni para ir al baño. Los actores dieron a conocer una gran noticia que ha sacudido a los medios. Además de la novela que han hecho juntos, ahora los tortolos llevarán su amor al teatro. ¿Romance puro o estrategia de publicidad?

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Bra camera proves men are always staring at out our boobs


Nestle seems to think women's breasts don't get checked out nearly enough, so they're doing anything they can to make sure that changes, once and for all.

As part of their new #CheckYourSelfie breast cancer awareness campaign, Nestle fitted British woman McCann Paris with a bra cam and sent her off to run errands with her teched-out over the shoulder boulder holder on full display to see just how many people they can catch checking out her ample cleavage. Care to wager a guess as to how many took a gander at her cleavage? I bet you won't even get close!

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Cómo prevenir las infecciones vaginales durante el embarazo


No hay nada más molesto que una infección vaginal y si a eso le agregas que estás embarazada, pues resulta un verdadero dolor de cabeza. Estas infecciones no son ni sorpresivas, ni poco comunes, porque tu vagina se encuentra viviendo cambios repentinos originados por un nuevo pH en tu cuerpo. ¿Has oído hablar de vaginitis candidiástica? Esa sí que es una calamidad y te digo cómo evitarla.

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New NYC bar promises to serve liquor to pregnant women!


The Internet's in an uproar over what could possibly be the first bar for pregnant women, Gestations, and I couldn't care less. Seriously, if people aren't smart enough not to drink while pregnant, or smoke or take drugs, why is it the Internet's job to save them from themselves?

Firstly, Gestations, a storefront in the East Village, is calling itself the city's "first bar for pregnant women." Gestations at Fifth Street and Avenue A says,

"All you mothers-to-be should come check out our trimester specials and our 9-month happy hour because now you're drinking for two!"

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¡Chiquis Marín hace algo que hubiera enorgullecido a su madre!

Ahora sí que Jenni Rivera se hubiera quitado el sombrero ante su hija. Chiquis Marín se ha tomado muy en serio el papel de representar a su difunta madre en cuestiones de negocios pues, recientemente, presentó uno de los proyectos que Jenni no finalizó en vida. ¡Te quedarás loca cuanto te enteres de qué se trata!

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Chiquis Rivera makes a girl's wildest dreams come true

Chiquis Rivera knows the importance of giving back. Jenni Rivera's eldest daughter recently launched a scholarship fund with her organization Boss Bee Nation and in partnership with Tu Vision Canal. One lucky winner was cut a $3,000 check to use towards their education. Latina college student Ariana Toscano was the lucky winner and her emotional speech to Chiquis proves why she deserves this scholarship!

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Agua de rosas hecha en casa para que tengas una piel impecable


El agua de rosas es magnífica para la piel. Tiene propiedades increíbles conocidas por generaciones anteriores a la nuestra. Actúa como antiséptico, ayuda a combatir el acné y lo mejor es que es ideal para cualquier tipo de piel. Es poderosa contra manchas y líneas de expresión porque mantiene el Ph natural de la piel. Por lo cual es ideal para la limpieza diaria del rostro. Puedes comprarla o elaborarla en casa y combinarla con crema de rosas para obtener mejores resultados ¡Te digo cómo!

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Mother puts epileptic daughter in dog cage to "keep her safe"

The mother of a 10-year-old epileptic girl says she made her daughter sleep in a dog cage because it's all she could do to keep her safe. The child suffers from West Syndrome, a rare disease with severe learning disabilities and challenging behavior that keeps her up at night and causes her to bang her head against the walls. The fear that she might escape her room and seriously hurt herself led her mom to request a special bed from the Edinburgh Council in Scotland. When the council refused to fund a padded cot for the child, she took drastic measures to protect her daughter.

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Family with maggot infestation finds a rotting corpse upstairs

Talk about a pest problem! Karen Davy a mother of four from South London was fed up with the sudden invasion of maggots appearing on her kitchen ceiling. The disgusting things were everywhere and the children were terrified because they kept falling on their heads. Poor Karen couldn't cook because she was afraid of the nasty bugs appearing on her food. Tired that her housing managers didn't help her with the problem she went to the apartment upstairs. She discovered the rotten corpse of her neighbor on the floor covered by maggots, flies and other bugs.

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Joven acomplejada por un defecto físico busca alivio y termina en tragedia


Que pena que una jovencita de 17 años haya sufrido tanto en el proceso de sentirse "normal". La joven tenía un hueco en el pecho, un problema físico que provocaba que uno de sus senos se hundiera, haciéndola sentir diferente. No usaba sostén, ni se vestía a la moda como las otras jovencitas. Un doctor le dio esperanzas, realizando una cirugía plástica y ahí comenzó la tragedia de una familia que solamente quería ver sonreír a su hija.

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