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Dietética receta de salmón que se prepara en 10 minutos y con sólo 5 ingredientes


La receta de hoy es una maravilla. No sólo puedes servir una cena en menos de 10 minutos, sino que además este salmón a la parrilla lleva cinco ingredientes incluyendo la sal y la pimienta. Lo mejor de todo es que este pescado, rico en omega-3 te ayuda a combatir los radicales libres y a prevenir el envejecimiento de las células.

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REAL reason Beyonce & Jay-Z skipped Kim Kardashian's wedding won't surprise you

Now considered the infamous wedding snub, a new report claims to reveal the truth behind the real reason Beyonce and Jay-Z were no-shows at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's lavish Italian wedding back in May. According to Page Six, a source (or shall we say chismoso) close to the A-list couple confirmed that Bey and Jay skipped the nuptials for this reason--and you won't be surprised...

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6 Reglas de oro para adelgazar en vacaciones

Adelgazar PHOTOS

Para la mayoría las vacaciones significan libertad en todo sentido: viajes, pies descalzos, cero maquillaje y comer cuanto plato suculento se nos pase por enfrente. Pero siendo realistas, es lo que menos deberíamos hacer. El verano no te da luz verde para llenar tu vida de placeres culposos, así que aplícate con estos trucos que te harán adelgazar ¡sin esfuerzo!

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3-year-old crashes Jeep on joy ride then runs home to watch cartoons


Get this, a 3-year-old in Oregon was chillaxin' at home in just a diaper last Tuesday evening and when no one was looking he climbed into his aunt's Jeep, knocked it out of gear and the Jeep went rolling downward on an incline, "down the street, through an intersection, up over a curb, through a yard, and into a house." It crashed into a house with the toddler in it!!! Oh yeah, and you will never believe what this chamaco did next.

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7 Traditional nursery rhymes to sing to your unborn baby

Good news for mamis-to-be! A new study found that babies between 28 and 34 weeks are able to recognize nursery rhymes while in the womb. Researchers from the University of Florida studied a group of 32 pregnant women and asked them to recite nursery rhymes to their unborn babies twice a week leading up to the 34thweek of pregnancy. Scientists determined that the fetuses that experienced a decrease in heart rate were physically responding to associating the familiar lullaby.

This study inspired us to dig up seven traditional Spanish nursery rhymes and lullabies that pregnant moms can sing to their unborn child.

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WATCH: You've been peeling oranges WRONG your whole life


Peeling an orange can be a messy process as each one is a mystery. Some are juicier than others and when they happens you have juice squirting all over the place. It's not fun and it's one of the reasons I tend to avoid buying them. However, this time of year they're a great fruit to snack on and I found a great trick to make the peeling process less sticky and messy.

You're gonna make great use of this kitchen hack as well!

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7 Consejos para mejorar el sabor del semen


Hablemos del semen. No hay manera de evitar esta conversación porque si entre tu pareja y tú existe el sexo oral, estoy segura que has probado el sabor del semen.

Si alguna de ustedes por ahí no ha podido darle una probadita porque el asco, el olor, o los prejuicios no te lo permiten, te cuento que no es nada del otro mundo. Tiene una consistencia viscosa, y el sabor varía de acuerdo a lo que tu pareja consumió en el día. Puedes ser o muy salado o medio dulce y las buenas noticias es que el sabor lo puedes modificar sin problema.

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Woman had a vibrator stuck in her vagina for 10 years!


One woman was apparently so "drunk in love" during a bedroom romp that she used a sex toy with her partner, inserting it into her vagina, and forgot to remove it--for 10 whole years!

The woman, now 38, recently visited the hospital complaining of severe weight loss, involuntary shaking, and mild incontinence. What doctors found left them speechless!

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10 Remedios caseros INFALIBLES para acabar con el mal olor de los pies

No sé tú, pero a mi unos pies pegajosos y malolientes me pueden dar un ataque y no de caspa, precisamente. Creo que me harían pegar la carrera. Y no quiero imaginarme qué clase de carrera ni a donde iría a parar. Y es que además de desagradable, tener mal olor en los pies puede ser sumamente vergonzoso. Creo que no hay nada más desagradable, después del mal aliento o halitosis y que ahuyente más, que unos pies sudados y con mal olor. Pero como para todo problema hay solución, te invito a que sigas leyendo, que más abajo comparto contigo 10 remedios infalibles para acabar con el mal olor de los pies.

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4 Things you didn't think you could eat that are actually very healthy

There's no waste in vegetables and fruits, not even those parts that usually end up in the trash like shells, roots, seeds and other parts. I had already heard that many of them contain most of the nutrients, having even greater vitamin content than those supplied by the pulp or core of the fruits or veggies.

That's why, today we want to tell you about some fun ways you can eat banana peels, watermelon rinds and other surprise creations by chef Aldo Zilli, supervised by expert dietitian Dr. Sarah Schenker.

Eating snacks prepared at home has never been so fun and motivating. Be inspired by these fabulous ideas!

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