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9 Miracle foods that melt away fat


You don't have to wait to hit the gym to burn calories anymore. By adding the following foods to your diet, you can transform yourself into a 24 hour fat blasting machine. These foods look good on the plate, taste absolutely delicious in your mouth and once inside the body, they rev up the calorie burning process.

Fat burning has never been easier!

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Belleza natural: 5 remedios caseros para blanquear los dientes

Blanquear PHOTOS

Como dicen por allí, una sonrisa vale más que mil palabras ¡por eso no puedes andar por el mundo con una dentadura amarillenta! Para aliviarte el bolsillo y hacerte la vida fácil, hemos descubierto cinco remedios naturales que funcionan mejor que cualquier químico. ¡Te sorprenderás con los resultados!

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WATCH: Laura Pausini shows EVERYTHING on stage


Laura Pausini showed EVERYTHING on stage and it's all on video--currently footage that is spreading like wildfire all over the internet.

Pausini was on stage in Peru and she had on a robe that covered her naked body. Well, not so much because she gave one small little spin and her robe opened up and showed THAT area--and to everyone's surprise she wasn't wearing any undies! You could see straight into her vagina practically ... You have to see the video of the crazy incident!

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Viajar por tierra con niños es más sencillo de lo que parece


Como padres, nunca evitaremos los llantos de último minuto o la clásica pregunta de "¿Cuándo vamos a llegar?". Lo que sí podemos controlar es la seguridad de viajar con los más pequeños en confianza. Presta atención porque estos fáciles consejos pueden salvar tu vida y la de los tuyos ¡literalmente!

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WATCH: Pregnant pole dancing isn't as crazy as it sounds


I'm not sure how you feel about the whole pole dancing fitness craze in general. Do you find it liberating or not so much? Personally, I've never given it a try and if I were to, it wouldn't be so that I could have a pole installed in my bedroom, it would be for the workout benefits. Ladies develop some awesome muscles and it is hard to deny that a certain sense of confidence in their sexuality also develops. This happens to women of all shapes and sizes that's why I wasn't particularly surprised when I came across this sexy video of a pregnant pole dancer.

I think you will agree with me that the woman in this video looks great and if anything her baby bump adds to her appeal. Here's the thing though, I'm pretty sure she knew how to work that pole before she got pregnant.

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6 Remedios caseros para que tengas unos glúteos firmes y tersos

Gluteos PHOTOS

Una de las partes del cuerpo que más atención necesita es sin duda, nuestra retaguardia: los glúteos. Como no los tenemos siempre al descubierto, tal vez no les damos el cuidado necesario para que se mantengan firmes y en buen estado.

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11 Bra hacks that will change your life


Let's talk about bras, amigas. How much do you actually know about them in terms of fit, function or even how to care for them? Me? I throw all of my "delicates" in with my un-delicates so they don't last very long and I'm ashamed to say that I am at a place in my life right now where I don't even know what size I wear. Can you believe that? And it's not because I don't know how to measure my girls to find out, it's just that I was breastfeeding for so long and my breasts took on a life of their own growing and shrinking multiple times a day.

I tell you all of this because I came across a video of bra hacks that is all kinds of useful. Even if you think you know all there is to know about bras I recommend that you watch it because I can almost guarantee you will learn something new.

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Rashel Díaz escogió el look perfecto para ti y para mí también


Rashel Díaz, la presentadora de "Un nuevo día" tiene días de moda medio malillos, pero en general son buenos y hoy fue uno de esos. Es de las menos pretenciosas entre las conductoras de televisión porque casi siempre elige un vestuario sencillo, pero moderno. Hoy, los zapatos y su blusa, me mega encantaron. Si se descuida, le robo el modelito ¡completo!

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6 Tips to shaving down there safely


Not to get all TMI on you, but I love the way my vagina looks after a Brazilian wax. I don't care what Cameron Diaz or any OB-GYN out there says, I refuse to have hair down there. Sorry, but the full bush is definitely NOT for me. With that said, I'm not crazy about the whole Brazilian wax process itself. It's pretty traumatizing to have a complete stranger all up in my business while painfully ripping pubes out and even having me get on all fours, you know to get in between my cheeks. This is why I shave my vagina in the privacy of my own home!

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Abigail Hernandez: Horrific details emerge about teen's kidnapping


The case of Abigail Hernandez goes on and it gets crazier by the day as more details are revealed about what happened to the Latina teen after she vanished last October 9 on her way home from school in Conway, New Hampshire. Very little is known about what went on during the nine months the teen was gone, but 34-year-old Nathaniel Kibby was arrested as the prime suspect in Abigail's disappearance. Now the prosecutors have released photos of an above ground bunker which they believe Kibby used to hold Hernandez against her will.

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