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WATCH: Victor Cruz proposes in the cutest way EVER

Victor Cruz has a new reason to break down into a salsa move. The Giants football player proposed to the mother of his daughter and longtime girlfriend Elaina Watley earlier this month. Cruz popped the question after a "baby dedication" honoring their daughter Kennedy at a church in Paterson, New Jersey. The couple, who met back in 2003, was surrounded by close family and friends. And the best part? The proposal was captured for us to see!

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MIRA: Bibi Gaitán y Eduardo Capetillo presentan la primera foto de sus gemelos


¡No puedo creer la cantidad de pelo que tienen esos bebés! En serio. Los gemelitos de Bibi Gaytán y Eduardo Capetillo tienen la cabecita como la de un niño de dos años y además son bellos. Les quedaron de lo más bonitos y ella se ve de lo mejor. Nadie diría que es una mamá de cinco hijos. ¡Tienes que fijarte en la barriga! ¡Felicidades!

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Barbie Girl Scouts hits stores & people are NOT happy!


Barbie can't ever catch a break and until the popular doll's body starts looking a little more realistic, parents will continue to criticize her manufacturer. The latest controversy comes after a partnership between Mattel and Girl Scouts of the USA was announced and consumer groups cried foul, saying Barbie is not a good role model for children.

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Tommy Chiabra: 8 things to know about Selena Gomez's new man!


Selena Gomez turned 22 this week and of course we are wishing her a super feliz cumple and a great year! From the looks of it she enjoyed a wonderful birthday celebration over the weekend with a hunky hottie by the name of Tommy Chiabra. Collective sigh of relief that it wasn't with been-there-done-that Justin Bieber, who proves time and time again that he does not deserve Gomez's attention.

Up until I saw Tommy Chiabra wrapping his muscular arms around Selenita, I didn't really know who he was, so I went looking for some info on him that I could share with you cause, you know, chisme is so much better when you share it.

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Los zapatos de Marjorie de Sousa me dejaron sorprendida


Los miro y los miro y todavía no puedo creer que Marjorie de Sousa se haya puesto unos zapatos así. Yo la hacía a ella más de constantes tacones y sandalias sexys. De hecho, así la había visto tanto en Alfombras Rojas, como en entrevistas y hasta en las novelas. Sin embargo, me dio tremenda sorpresa con los que publicó en su cuenta de Instagram.

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Zoe Saldana is pregnant with TWINS!

So you know how Zoe Saldana is pregnant with her Italian artist husband, Marco Perego's baby? Well apparently she isn't just expecting one baby but two--she's having twins! I bet she didn't see this one coming. But knowing Zoe she's probably thrilled!

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Drunk mom let 9-year-old drive while she held toddler on her lap


Ay ay ay mamás, you are not going to believe what 46-year-old Carol Ann Goforth from South Carolina did and how she endangered the life of her toddler as well as that of a friend's 9-year-old little girl. On Thursday, Goforth got herself good and drunk and somehow decided that it would be a good idea to let the 9-year-old girl that was with her drive while Goforth sat in the passenger's seat with her son on her lap. Forget about driving age limits, laws or safety because apparently those things only apply to sober folks. 

Someone witnessed this dangerous situation and called the cops, thank GAWD! Espérate though, there is more.

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Procede demanda millonaria contra familia Rivera por los derechos del libro


¡Se van a corte! La familia Rivera no podrá seguir haciéndose de la vista gorda a la demanda de la escritora Laura Lucio por plagio.

Se encontraron pruebas suficientes para que un juez de California mande el caso a juicio. Ahora sí, la familia de la desparecida Jenni Rivera tendrá que comprobar que las acusaciones que enfrentan por publicar un libro de la vida de la Diva de la Banda, con supuestos textos ajenos, son falsas. ¡Ya veremos de qué cuero salen más correas! porque ni te imaginas las pruebas que presentó la escritora. 

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Boy banned from restaurant for asking stranger if she had a baby in her belly

Can you imagine the embarrassment this mother had to face? Four-year-old Justin Otero was kicked out of a local doughnut shop in Connecticut on Tuesday after asking one of the costumers at the store whether she had a baby in her belly. Ay!

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Increíble: Madre e hijo de 17 años acuerdan tenebroso pacto de muerte

Esta es una historia desgarradora e impactante. No me puedo imaginar qué problema pudo ser tan grande como para decidir ponerle fin a la vida. Cuando la policía llegó a la casa de los Crabree, en Tulsa, Oklahoma, consiguió los dos cuerpos en el piso; ella, Kimberly Crabree de 50 años, y él, Joseph Crabree de 17 años, madre e hijo, según divulgó Daily Mail. Dos vidas apagadas en forma trágica. Sobre una tragedia como ésta, cae siempre una lluvia de preguntas. Sigue leyendo para conocer más detalles de este sorprendente caso.

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