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11 Ridiculous things guys say during labor


I'm cracking up over here because I just finished watching a video of men watching babies being born. Listen, I know it's not easy to watch birthing videos, the miracle of birth can be pretty shocking and bloody. I wasn't so much surprised by some of the silly things that came out of these men's mouths as I was by the fact that one guy was able to eat Cup Noodles while he watched. I mean who the heck can stomach eating instant noodles while they watch babies being born? Crazy, right?

So of course I'm DYING to show you the video below and then I want to TAWK about some of the crazy things that come out of men's mouths when they are actually at a birth, okay?

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¿Ximena Navarrete confirma su romance con William Levy?


¡Se tardó pero lo confirma! Ximena Navarrete parece que ahora sí está dispuesta a gritar su amor por William Levy sin tapujos. O, por lo menos, eso es lo que dice un diario mexicano que asegura que Ximena ya aceptó que tiene un noviazgo con éste bombón cubano y está feliz de la vida. Como quien dice, ya las criticas, los rumores y la pareja formal de Levy le tienen sin cuidado. Tienes que conocer todos los detalles.

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Dead baby found in high school toilet


Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas, Texas was swarmed by police on Friday when a dead baby was found in one of the bathrooms. Sometime around 2:30 p.m. a student notified a janitor that there was a dead fetus in the girls' bathroom on the second floor. Police came after being called and the bathroom was treated as a crime scene. Campus surveillance video is being reviewed and police are talking to teachers as well, to see if the suspect can be identified.

This is crazy! Does it mean that a student gave birth in the bathroom and just left the baby there?

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7 Latin foods that are making you tired


Craving a siesta after breakfast, lunch or dinner could be a sign that you just had an amazing meal, but your body might be telling you something else. Getting sleepy after devouring a delicious plate is a reaction to your body working overtime to process unhealthy fats. The food culprits making you sleeply may be more surprising than you think...

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5 Mitos sobre el sexo que tienes que descartar YA mismo


Nuestro tema favorito es el sexo y de ahí se desprenden mitos y realidades que hoy nos dimos a la tarea de confirmar. Para saber cuáles son las razones por las que deberías tener relaciones sexuales y de qué tipo, debe ser individual y por convicción. No te dejes guiar por la voz popular en este rubro porque, en realidad, la información que te llega debe ser depurada por tí y tomar de cada opinión, lo que tú creas aplica a tú relación y estilo de vida sexual. Vámonos paso a paso.

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Jennifer Lopez claims it's not easy being a single parent

Being a single parent definitely isn't easy. For some women it's the most difficult job out there. But is it really that hard for someone like Jennifer Lopez? The singer and mom of 6-year-old twins Emme and Max, recently talked about family life in Elle U.K.'s October issue. She even admitted wishing she "could have held together" her marriage to Marc Anthony for the kids. Wait, what?

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3 Ingredientes HORRIBLES que nunca debes poner en la piel de tu bebé


Aunque es un poquito obvio, muchos padres siguen usando en sus bebés cualquier producto que se les pase por el frente sin saber que están poniendo en riesgo su salud. No basta con comprarle marcas específicas para niños –se trata de eliminar, completamente, estos horribles ingredientes.

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Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganiello's 7 sexiest moments


In case you were wondering, Sofia Vergara had a better Labor Day weekend than you did. The Colombian actress was spotted enjoying the long weekend in Mexico with new novio Joe Manganiello. Not even Vergara was able to control the urge to share details about their sexy getaway with fans. She posted a romantic Instagram pic of the celeb pair, who started dating earlier this summer, tanning on the beach with the caption, "Heaven #Mexico." Wait till you grab a look at the steamy pics! 

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Human Ken & Extreme Human Barbie together & meant to be

Apparently, birds of a feather flock together and people of plastic like to congregate and admire one another's plastic surgery results. Recently "Human Ken" Justin Jedlica, 34, and "Human Barbie" Lacey Wildd, 46, spent some time together at a beachfront coffee shop in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

While Justin Jedlica is wild about Ms. Wildd, as we can see by a photo he instagrammed of himself grabbing Ms. Wildd's fantastic plastic breasts. But "Human Ken" doesn't care so much for "the other human Barbie" Valeria Lukyanova, 21. It sort of feels like Valeria Lukyanova is the "Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer" in this scenario. Jedlica and Wildd are saying no plastic interaction friendships for you, keep your lame only-had-a-boob-job self over in the Ukraine.We don't need you. Here in the good old U.S. of A we like as much plastic surgery done to as many body parts as possible.

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Aleja el MAL de OJO con este remedio casero


Como diría mi abuelita: de que vuelan, vuelan. Y es que el "mal de ojo" aún existe y acaba con la tranquilidad de muchos en un dos por tres. Por suerte hay maneras de protegerse sin tener que invertir cientos de dólares en menjurjes extraños. ¡Verás que sí funciona!

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