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5 Taboo sex questions your doctor wishes you would ask

Research claims that between 40 to 75 percent of women have concerns about sexual health. Next time you visit the Ob-gyn, be sure to outline your questions and reserve your shyness for the dentist. Here are some concerns you should voice during your next doctor's visit. 

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Dile que SÍ al mañanero para que veas cómo cambia tu vida de pareja


Dejémonos de excusas y aceptemos de una vez por todas que el encuentro sexual por la mañana ya no puede esperar más. Sabes que a tu pareja le encanta, le hace falta, casi se pone de rodillas para pedirlo y tú, encuentras mil excusas para continuar diciendo NO. Hoy te voy a dar las razones por las que simplemente te estás perdiendo de un placer insospechado como si se tratase de un caramelito difícil de resistir.

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5 Ways to lose weight all day long


Weight loss is a hot topic right now with new diets, pills, detox products and hundreds of exercising videos from every celebrity out there. There is an information and misinformation overload often paid by marketers pushing their products. We know about eating healthy, small portions and exercising, but if you live in the real world like me, you know that sometimes that's impossible. So, what to do if you want to lose weight all day long? The answer is planning. Like any issue, you have to be prepared to tackle weight loss.

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Belleza natural: Mascarilla de espirulina para secar el acné


Sin importar tu edad, el acné es una de esas cosas que simplemente no pasan desapercibidas. Por suerte ya no tienes que combatirlo con peligrosos químicos o costosas sesiones médicas. Ahora existe un "súper alimento" que es capaz de devolverle la lozanía a tu piel. ¡Te encantarán los resultados!

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5 Things you do that make you great in bed

Believe it or not, you don't need sex advice to make you good in bed. Let's face the facts--most women don't get complaints about their skills in the bedroom. Why? Because we freaking rock. Being a great sex partner is an art form that you have conquered naturally. Here are five things you are already doing that make you amazing in bed.

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6 Cosas que JAMÁS debes hacer si tienes pisos de madera


Amo los pisos de madera, le dan un ambiente de calidez instantánea a todos los espacios y esconden una multitud de pecados de limpieza. Eso sí. Son delicados, temperamentales y una vez que los dañas, pues a ahorrar para repararlos.

Sin embargo, no hay que preocuparse, pues la madera es generosa y con sólo seguir unas reglas básicas podrás disfrutar de la belleza de uno de los materiales más versátiles y bellos para esa sexta pared que es el piso.

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7 Plants you can't kill even if you don't have a green thumb

plants PHOTOS

Plants are beautiful and the perfect touch to add personality to any space. If you are a Feng Shui kind of person, you know that they bring great balance to a room and even attract all that negative energy from some visitors. I personally used to have indoor plants, but I couldn't keep them alive for too long. I didn't know I was buying varieties that were "easy to kill." Yes, it turned out that it wasn't me after all.

If you are a little intimidated by the green living things, I invite you to watch this slide show so you can choose wisely next time you are shopping in a plant nursery.

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ENTÉRATE: "El Gordo de Molina" confiesa su miedo más grande


Aparentemente Raúl "El Gordo" de Molina tiene las prioridades bien claras. Sus declaraciones me dejaron gratamente impactada cuando habló de su familia y la prioridad que su hija representa aun en ese glamour de la televisión. Pero lo que no sabes es cuál es el miedo más grande de Raúl de Molina y porque justo ese miedo le impide ser flaco. Seguro que te interesa saber el chisme más gordo de este gordo.

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Women smuggle stolen watches in the vaginas but run out of time

stolen PHOTOS

Three women were recently busted trying to smuggle stolen watches in their vajayjays, giving new meaning to the term: biological clock.

Friends Bryana Warren, Trinity Kennard and Charmella Triggs were arrested for allegedly stealing a pair of Rolexes valued at $12,000 and $4,000 from a couple of Las Vegas tourists. Police say the sticky-fingered trio flirted with the out-of-towners, got them drunk, and accompanied the men back to their room, where they engaged in some hanky-panky. 

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7 Medicines that are SAFE during pregnancy

pregnancy PHOTOS

Getting sick while you are expecting is one of the scariest things that can happen to any mom. You want to get better so you can eat normally and have the energy to get things ready for the big day, but you are afraid to take medication. With medicine, the best thing do is to keep the amount to the minimum when you're expecting. But it's also better to take something you need than to let the sickness evolve into something more serious that could affect the baby's health. But how do you know which meds are safe during pregnancy?

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