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Chiquis Marín Rivera: ¿Estrena romance con Luis Coronel?


Anda levantando muchos suspiros últimamente Chiquis Marín Rivera. Después de su presentación en Premios Juventud se le han sumado muchos elementos masculinos a la lista de galanes.

El más reciente es un jovencito de 18 años que está idiotizado con la belleza de la Chiquis. Se trata de Luis Coronel que no dejó de babear por ella durante la entrega. Las  declaraciones que hizo sobre la hija de Jenni Rivera, te dejarán sorprendida o como a mí, te causarán ternurita.

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12 Thoughts we all have when trying on our first faja


The faja! The dreaded faja or the beloved faja, depending on how you look at it. I swear my mother has been training me for faja-hood since day one and I put up a fight, I resisted, I said never! But now two kids later I am a member of the faja sisterhood. There are some outfit choices that would not be available to me if it weren't for what gringos call shapewear and my mamá calls a faja. Being a lover of fashion, I'm grateful for the tool, but I cannot say that it hasn't taken a little getting used to.

Fajas can make the sight of you easy on the eyes, but they are not all that easy to get into, especially not the first time. The first time around it's like you are wrestling with some kind of medieval torture device and there are thoughts that run through every woman's mind that first time.

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5 Cosas que NUNCA debes hacer al comprar pantalones


Salir de compras es lo más divertido que hay, a menos que estés a disgusto con tu cuerpo. Entonces, ver ropa linda y llegar al probador y verse mal, es una verdadera tortura. Me consta. Los pantalones son particularmente complicados pues, cada vez más, los fabricantes de ropa están alterando las tallas y encontrar uno que te quede bien es casi que un trabajo de investigación. Si tienes un cuerpo curvilíneo, bien latino, olvídate, la cosa es para rato.

Sin embargo, hay una serie de reglas que puedes tomar en cuenta para facilitarte el proceso y evitar frustraciones o, peor aún, salir de la tienda con algo que no te favorece o que no te vas a poner.

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Ryan Dorsey: 5 things to know about Naya Rivera's new hubby

Anyone else out there confused by Naya Rivera's out-of-nowhere wedding to Ryan Dorsey? Because I sure am! In case you haven't heard, Naya tied the knot with her new love on July 19 in Cabo Dan Lucas, Mexico in front of a small group of very close family. I'm so confused ... didn't she just break off her engagement to rapper Big Sean in April? And who the hell is this Ryan guy?

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Boy found dead on busy highway & it could happen to your kid too


On Sunday, 4-year-old Marterrance Albury of Tampa, Florida was run over and killed by a green or black SUV at around 9:45 p.m. A witness to the accident told police that the boy appeared to have fallen out of or been thrown out of the SUV that ran him over, but newly released surveillance video appears to show Marterrance walking on the side of the road before walking into traffic. The SUV that hit him never stopped and police continue trying to find the driver.

So why was a 4-year-old walking on the street all by himself so late at night? His mother, 36-year-old Johntea Williams, had left Marterrance in the care of his 17-year-old brother while she went out with a friend. When she came home at 4 a.m. and officers told her what happened to Marterrance, Williams became so distressed she had to be taken into custody.

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Cómo lograr un maquillaje perfecto en minutos

Maquillaje PHOTOS

Con esto de que las mujeres vivimos a mil por hora, el tiempo que le dedicamos a nuestra imagen ha disminuido notablemente. Sin embargo, no quiere decir que debamos sacrificar nuestro look… ¡Al contrario! Necesitamos "abrir otros caminos" que nos dejen hermosas en menos de lo que canta un gallo. Te sorprenderá lo sencillo que es.

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WATCH: Fox host freaks out over immigrant who called 911 for dying brother


Fox News' Fox & Friends aired some kind of disgustingness today where hosts acted shocked that emergency responders are "forced" to help Spanish-speakers in life and death situations even if it is suspected that they are undocumented immigrants. Fox News host Steve Doocy opened his offensive pie hole and said, "They stumbled across the border illegally and now they need your help!?" Are you FREAKIN' kidding me?

You know what I find shocking? That so-called educated hosts would entertain the idea that the right choice in a life and death situation for a HUMAN BEING would be to let the person die because it is more cost effective. Ugh, it's so disgusting that these talking heads can sit there and spew this nonsense and yes, I've got a clip of this vileness to share with you.

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Ricky Martin se muda a México para andar con Jaqueline Bracamontes


Estos famosos me están enloqueciendo, pero creo que peor deben estar los pobres niños de Ricky Martin, que no deben saber ni en qué planeta están. Ahora, van a pasar una buena temporada en México, donde su papá ha accedido ser uno de los coaches de la cuarta temporada de La Voz México, a la que también regresa como conductora, la querida Jacqueline Bracamontes.

Te voy a confesar que aunque me encanta que Ricky forme parte de ese programa de reality TV. Lamentablemente, el anuncio también presagia algo malo.

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SEE: JWoww shares first pics of her baby girl!

Jenni "JWOWW" Farley gave birth to her beautiful baby girl, Meilani Alexandra, just last week and new photos of the newborn have finally been released. JWoww's 1-week-old baby with fiance, Roger Mathews, is seen dressed in a pretty pink dress with a matching sweater and bow-tie headband in In Touch Weekly's most recent issue. She's SO cute I can hardly handle it!

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4 Bebidas deliciosas para desinflamar tu vientre y hacer que desaparezca la pancita


La inflamación del vientre es uno de los síntomas más inconvenientes durante nuestro período menstrual. Aunque la pancita también se puede inflamar por el consumo de ciertos alimentos.

Desde comidas con grasas y picantes, hasta los frijoles, los pepinos, el brócoli y la cebolla. Otra de las causas que puede hacer que se nos hinche la panza es la inflamación del intestino y según los expertos también los ayunos prolongados. Al no tener alimento en nuestro cuerpo, se acumula aire en nuestro sistema digestivo. ¿Quieres una solución deliciosa? 

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