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SEE: Dad's EPIC photobomb of daughter's prom picture is iconic!


Former college football coach Gene Chizik has become an internet sensation for photobombing a pre-prom picture of his daughter Landry and her 17-year-old prom date, Jerod Dickey. The teen couple were headed to the Auburn High School, in Alabama for the prom festivities and had some pictures snapped before the big event as is the custom. I'm sure all the pictures are lovely, but the most memorable one has got to be the one that Gene Chizik photobombed. It's one of those pictures that is worth TWO thousand words and lots of understanding groans from fellow fathers of teenage girls.

The picture was taken by Jerod's mother, Jeri Dickey, and with Chizik's permission tweeted to Phil Lutzenkirchen, a former football player who played on Chizik's national championship team. The caption reads, "@lutzenkirchen You think my son will come home from prom alive? #Chizz." The internets loved the picture! Ready to check it out?

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Rica receta de huevos sancochados envueltos en chorizo y empanizados con tortillas

No me negarás que estos huevitos se ven deliciosos. Son unos huevos sancochados cubiertos con chorizo mexicano y empanizados con tortillas molidas para finalmente ser freídos en aceite caliente. Son crujientes por fuera, suaves por dentro y entremedio tienen el gusto que les da en chorizo. Para completar se sirven con guacamole. Son perfectos con entremés, abreboca y también para servir mañana día de la Pascua Florida.

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How to deal with death & dying

Like so many Latinas who have grown up in the U.S. during their formative years, I feel fortunate to be able to draw the best from my two distinct cultures to create a set of values that represents the best of both! This week my best friend's mom passed away after a long battle with a debilitating disease. Her experience got me thinking about how I am going to deal with my parents' aging process as well as my own. Here are some of my conclusions.

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Abuela's motive for killing 2 grandkids & herself is even worse than you think

A Connecticut grandmother who shot and killed her two young grandsons before committing suicide last year explained her horrific reason for doing so in a note she left to her daughter and son-in-law.

Debra Denison abducted two of her grandkids, 6-month-old Ashton Perry and his 2-year-old brother, Alton, from their daycare last February before killing them and herself in a parked car. Cops, who initially issued an Amber Alert for the two kids, later found their bodies, but had never revealed the 47-year-old grandmother's possible motive--until now. A police report, recently obtained by the Associated Press, sheds new light on why Denison wanted to hurt her two grandkids…and the reason is even more horrible than you might think.

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Té de piña y canela riquísimo para adelgazar (RECETA)


La piña es rica, pero además de lo delicioso de su sabor, ayuda a la digestión, previene infecciones de la garganta y la boca, y baja la inflamación. De hecho, se asegura que la piña ayuda a eliminar exceso de agua del cuerpo. Entonces el té de piña es tremendo aliado para las que queremos bajar esas libritas de más. Aquí te dejo una recetita sencilla para que te ayudes con té de piña en la pérdida de peso. 

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5 easy ways to get rid of your muffin top fast


Summer is just around the corner which means you will soon be showing less skin. However if you packed on some pounds during this awful winter we had, chances are you are far from bikini ready. If you have been trying to hide that muffin top, the good news is you no longer will have to!

That's if you follow these tips to get rid of that muffin top in time for beach weather!

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'The Voice': Gwen Stefani to replace Christina Aguilera in season 7!

The Voice is undergoing ANOTHER major coach switch-up. Several weeks after former coach Cee Lo Green announced his departure and was subsequently replaced by Pharrell Williams, reports are claiming that Christina Aguilera's spot on season 7 is also being taken over by another huge superstar! So who will be claiming one of those big red chairs for herself?!

According to TMZ, Aguilera will be replaced by none other than….Gwen Stefani! Whoa, now that's a twist I didn't see coming.

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Christina Milian finally opens up on breakup & coparenting with The Dream

I always wondered how Christina Milian handled her break-up and raising her little girl with The Dream. Unlike Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, you hardly see them publicly together for family time. I can't blame her either! He publicly humiliated her and got caught cheating by paparazzi he was so careless--and all just months after Milian had given birth to their baby girl Violet who is now 4 years old.

But it looks like she's finally opened up about her struggles. It hasn't always been easy but this Latina mom is definitely doing much better now.

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Consejo de limpieza natural: Detergente para ropa fácil de hacer en casa


He estado haciendo mi propio detergente para la ropa por más de un año y ¡me encanta! El detergente para ropa HTM es más que fácil de hacer y si lo intentas podrías quedar enganchada. ¿Por qué iba  alguien a querer hacer su propio detergente para la ropa cuando los detergentes comerciales son tan convenientes y fáciles de conseguir? Pues, déjame decirte por qué hago el mío.

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Selena Gomez is TOTALLY the next Jennifer Lopez

Finally some news on Selena Gomez that doesn't involve her dysfunctional on-and-off relationship with Justin Bieber.

The 21-year-old singer recently came out with a promotional video for her summer 2014 fashion line with Adidas NEO. How do I feel about the new collection? Um, I freaking love it! It's chic, cute and SO Selena!

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