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10 Fajas that will flatten your tummy


I'm always so impressed by moms who are able to bounce back shortly after pregnancy. How the heck did they lose that post-partum belly so fast? Sure, they followed a healthy diet before they gave birth and of course they started working out afterwards, but that's usually not all. In fact, most chicas (Latinas especially) credit fajas to help them slim down their midsection and apparently they really work!

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Cómo planear una quinceañera ¡sin arruinar tu presupuesto!

Si creciste dentro de la cultura hispana, las quinceañeras van más allá de una simple fiesta. Y eso implica poner a la familia a planificar como locos, invitar a la mitad de tus vecinos y hacer una comelona que bien puede darle de comer a un ejército. Pero por suerte amiga, organizar la quinceañera de tu hija o tu nieta no tiene que ser complicado. Verás que Aleyso Bridger, autora de Tu Quinceañera, ¡te lo hace fácil!

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5 Home remedies that will save your nipples from breastfeeding​

Breastfeeding can help create such an amazing bond between mother and child, but sometimes that comes with a price: sore nipples. Soreness caused by breastfeeding can be incredibly painful and irritating for a new mom. Thankfully there are natural home remedies out there that can help solve the issue. You don't have to put up with sore and dry nipples caused by breastfeeding. Here are five simple solutions.

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You should never use antiperspirant again!


If you're like most women, chances are you apply antiperspirant on a daily basis, which is nice for everyone around you, but it can possibly spell trouble for your health. Scientists recently discovered that shaving your armpits, then applying an antiperspirant containing aluminum on a daily basis may potentially increase your chances of developing Alzheimer's and chronic fatigue. Well, that stinks.

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Girl literally scared to death in haunted house

I don't think I'll ever use the phrase "scared to death" lightly again. A 16-year-old girl from Ohio recently died while walking through a Halloween-themed, haunted house. Apparently the poor thing got so scared, she passed out and died. Can you believe this? I know what you're probably thinking. What in the hell was going on in that haunted house that led to a girl's death?

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Teacher sends kids to firing squad for chewing gum​


A Washington state high school chemistry teacher, Kem Petteson, who used a "wheel of misfortune" to punish a sophomore girl for chewing gum by making the girl stand in front of a "koosh firing squad" will continue to be employed by Stevenson High School. You read that right. Ms. Petteson employs a "wheel of misfortune" in her classroom as a way of determining a punishment for students who misbehave.

What would you do if your child's teacher humiliated your child in front of the entire classroom, as a means of teaching the child in question a lesson? Me, I'd be out for blood. That teacher would be feeling the full wrath of my reach, especially when the punishment didn't fit the crime and by the way, an adult humiliating a teen or child in front of their peers is NEVER okay. Not even in the case of these crazy parents who put their kids on the street or Facebook with humiliating sandwich boards with messages of their misdoings. 

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CONFIRMADO: Fernando del Rincón regresa a CNN en Español

Si eres una amante del buen periodismo, noticias y reportajes, este anuncio te va a poner muy feliz. Te cuento que CNN en Español acaba de anunciar que llegó a un acuerdo con Fernando del Rincón y por fin lo vamos a volver a ver en su sofá y en tu pantalla conduciendo "Conclusiones". Después de un mes de ausencia, del Rincón regresa a ocupar el lugar que se merece informando a su público de varios temas políticos y sociales de interés para la comunidad latinoamericana.

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Kids fight fiercely as adults watch & laugh in viral video

What would you do if you saw a couple of young kids fighting in the street? Most normal, upstanding people would try and break the kids up, or at least call the police. Then, there are those who'll probably keep it moving, opting instead to stay out of the kids' way. I'm not sure I agree with that decision, but I will say this: it's way better than what a group of adults did when a couple of super young kids started to go at it on the street in Wilmington, Delaware. Police are currently investigating a couple of viral videos featuring several young children brawling on the sidewalk as adults standby and watch. Worse: some of these so-called grown people had the nerve to actually cheer the kids on and laugh. What in the actual hell is wrong with them?

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Trucos de maquillaje: Cómo convertirte en la novia de Frankenstein (Tutorial paso a paso)

laura_sanchez VIDEO

Amigas, si no tenía disfraz para el Día de las Brujas te cuento que ya no tienes que preocuparte porque este siniestro y divertido maquillaje es lo único que necesitas. Te voy a enseñar cómo pintarte el rostro como si fueras la novia de Frankenstein. El maquillaje es súper fácil de hacer y después que lo hagas te vas a ver tan espectacular como me veo en esta foto.

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Heavenly lactose free tres leches cake that EVERYONE can enjoy


I'm so excited to share a recipe for lactose free tres leches cake that I made this weekend. I don't usually brag on things that I make myself, but this, my dears, calls for a bit of bragging. First of all it turned out DELICIOUS if I do say so myself, but just so you don't think I'm the only one who finds it yummers, my kids and my husband all loved it too. The other thing that is awesome about this recipe is that it is semi-homemade, which makes it so easy to make and quicker than your average tres leches cake.

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